10 Easy Hacks for Getting Organized [HOME EDITION]

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Most of us could benefit from being a bit more organized in the home. Decluttering, maximizing space, and never misplacing another item sounds like an ideal setup. But investing time in DIY Pinterest projects can seem a little overwhelming and time consuming. However, our hacks aren’t complicated, they’re super simple solutions. Take a glance at these ten tips for getting organized:  

Cup Holder

You’ll need cans, tins, & scrapbook paper

Repurpose old Folgers tins or empty cans into cute cup holders. Simply take some scrapbook paper, trim it according the circumference of the container, glue it on and you’re done! Use this pretty and functional holder for pens, scissors, ribbon, or anything small that can potentially get lost.  


Clamp Cord Holder

You’ll need binder clips

Does your home office look clunky with all the cables scattered on the floor? All this easy hack requires is that you clamp binder clips to the edge of your desk and slide in the cords. The days when USB cables would drop into the black abyss are long gone.  


Makeup Brush Organizer

You’ll need sushi mat, elastic, and needle & thread

Make it easy to travel or store makeup brushes by creating this unique organizer. First, get a sushi mat and wrap elastic through the sticks (spaced out according the girth of each brush). Then, close both ends of the elastic by sewing a few stitches, place your brushes inside each loop, roll it up, tie it with a bow and you’re done!


Jewelry organizer

You’ll need teacups and/or saucers

Is the china that was passed down to you collecting dust in a closet somewhere? Put it those pretty pieces to good use by utilizing them as jewelry holders. If you don’t have any vintage looking tea cups and small saucers, head over to your local thrift shop for good finds.

Plastic lid holder

You’ll need a CD rack

If you have an old CD rack lying around the house, place it in a drawer or cabinet and use it to hold plastic lids. This easy household hack helps ensure that your lids don’t get lost and containers can always find their mate.


Boots Hanger

You’ll need an extension rod & clip-hangers

Boot season might be over but chances are they’re still taking up room in your closet. Declutter your shoe space by installing an extension rod in your closet specifically for organizing boots with clip-hangers.  Removing your cowboy boots and galoshes off the floor immediately cleans up your closet look and prevents them from getting too dusty.  


Storage for cleaning supplies

You’ll need a shoe organizer & hook

Avoid losing Lysol and Windex bottles by keeping all your cleaning supplies in one central location. All you need is a shoe organizer, a hook, and a closet door to hang it up on – and you’re finished.


Cutting board or lid holder

You’ll need hooks with adhesive backs & a wall file

If you don’t have a CD rack, you can organize lids and/or cutting boards using a wall file. Simply mount it on the inside of the cabinet door and you’ll instantly make a neat and tidy home for all your Tupperware tops and slicing boards.


Under-the-sink storage

You’ll need a tension rod

Install a tension rod under the sink to organize towels and/or kitchen cleaning supplies. This quick and simple fix maximizes under-the-sink space and makes it easy to grab when you’re in a hurry.


Pantry organizers

You’ll need a set of clear containers

Different sized snack and cereal boxes can often be left partially opened or take up lots of pantry space. Opt for filling up an assortment of sealed containers for a more uniform and organized look. Clear containers will also help you to know when certain food items need to be restocked.
What steps do you take to stay organized in the home? Share your hacks with us!