10 Ways to Explore Your City

Do the travel accounts on Instagram have you feeling wanderlust? Of course they do. The good news is that you don’t have to span the globe to see new things or get the tourist experience. Whether you’re new in town or have been there forever, here are ten tips for scratching the travel itch without ever leaving home.


  1. Field Trip App – make it easy to discover new destinations that you may drive or walk by every day. Field Trip in particular works with your phone’s GPS to find you new spots when you’re near them. It’s perfect for going on an urban adventure without an itinerary.
  2. Public transportation – allows you to take in your surroundings better than driving. There could be a historic place of interest or community park that you miss during your rush hour drive. Take a bus or trolley and soak in all your city has to offer.
  3. Map it out – just because you know your way around doesn’t mean that a map is useless. Find a tourist map of your town and go explore some hidden gems like hiking trails, caves and lakes.
  4. Social media – connect with happening events in your area. Searching Twitter and Instagram with your city’s name or what’s trending locally can uncover a little-known farmer’s market or music venue.
  5. Museums – Not every museum needs to be MoMA to be an enriching experience. If you’re close to a big city, chances are you have world class art just waiting to be enjoyed. Get out there and find your city’s masterpieces.
  6. New restaurants – Try that locally owned restaurant that you walk by everyday or that authentic ethnic food spot that you may have never considered. Taking your taste buds on a vacation is as easy as breaking free of your routine foods.
  7. Different vantage point – getting a bird’s-eye view of your city is not only great exercise, it’s a chance to see things you might miss during the daily grind. Take a mountain hike or climb the stairs of a skyscraper. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll see.
  8. Take a drive – A short and sweet day trip will allow you to get out of town without breaking the bank for hotels or plane tickets. Search for some natural wonders within a few hours of you and have a mini-road trip with friends.
  9. National Parks – these are spread around the country and are there for your enjoyment. Better yet, there’s a park in 49 of 50 states (sorry Delaware) so there is definitely one close and convenient for you.
  10. Guided tour – Don’t be afraid to go full tourist and take a guided tour bus or walking tour. You may know your city well, but a professional tour guide will undoubtedly have factoids and stories that will surprise even city natives.

We gave you our tips for exploration, what are yours? Tell us in the comments!