13 Things to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Going to the beach? Avoid the sunburns and make sure to pack all the essentials to get the most out of your trip!

  1. Sunscreen- Probably the most important thing you need for a day on the beach. To find out which one will best meet your needs, check out Allure editor’s list of favorite sunscreens.
  2. SPF lip balm- This lip balm has 25 SPF, multiple scents and nothing but rave reviews.
  3. UV protection for your hair- This spray tames frizz, adds shine and protects your hair from the damaging effects of the sun and saltwater.
  4. UV sunglasses- The sun is just as damaging to your eyes as it is to your skin, so when going to the beach I say the bigger the sunglasses the better.
  5. Stylish yet functional hat– Again, the bigger the better.
  6. Fun colored beach towels
  7. A good read- We easily forget the joy of reading for leisure, but the beach is the perfect place to remember how addicting a good read can be. Goodreads recently made a list of nine summer reads under 400 pages for 2015.
  8. Compressed can of air- No matter how hard we try, we always miss a spot of sand as we clean up to leave the beach. Keep a compressed can of air in your car to clear all the sand away before it makes its way into your home.
  9. Water-tight bags- Not only do you need to protect your skin from the sun, you also need to protect your electronics from water damage. When you aren’t using them, make sure to keep them stored in water-tight bags.
  10. Waterproof headphones
  11. Disposable waterproof camera– This is sure to help you step up your Instagram game.
  12. Football/frisbee/volleyball/badminton
  13. Water and snacks- Try to pack snacks that are not super salty since that will only make you thirstier.

What are you carrying in your beach bag? Share your tips with us!