365 Days of Love for Family, Friends, and Your SO

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays are great opportunities to showcase the love and affection you have for your nearest and dearest. We buy them gifts, take them out to their favorite restaurant, and usually finish off the night with cake and ice cream. But for the rest of the year, how are we demonstrating our appreciation and gratitude for the ones we love? Take a look through our favorite ways of sharing the affection all year ‘round.


Activities they love (even if you don’t)

Invite your SO, sibling, or friend for an activity you know they love, even if it’s not your favorite, this is all about them.  Whether it’s attending their yoga class, joining their book club, or getting them tickets to their favorite show – your loved is bound to feel the love from this bonding activity.


More than words

Don’t be afraid to show your affection to your favorites even if it seems a little out of the ordinary. Humans crave the touch of others, so go on – attack your brother with hugs, squeeze your mother’s hand, and cuddle up on the couch with your partner.


Show off your kitchen skills

Grandma used to say, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but isn’t that the case for everyone’s heart? Flaunt your cooking skills by inviting your family and friends over for a dinner party or baking your dad’s favorite fudge brownies. Happy tummies equate to happy relationships.


Just call

So much of our communication has moved to email, texting, or tagging our friends on funny photos. But what about an old fashioned phone call? After the shock of receiving a call wears off, the person on the other end of the line will delight in how much you care.


Celebrate them

Whenever one of your family members or close friends get a promotion at work or finishes a half marathon, show them your support by sending them flowers or a nice heartfelt note. This provides them with encouragement, validation, and reinforces their faith and confidence in themselves.


Lend an ear

We all have the need to vent once in awhile so take your loved one out for a glass of wine or invite them over for some chit chat and coffee. The words will flow freely and they’ll feel lighter for getting their thoughts and feelings off their chest.


Help out

Offer your services to demonstrate how much you care. This can be done by babysitting your nieces and nephews, taking your parent’s car for a wash, or helping out around the yard. Using your free time to spend on the duties or obligations of others will surely show them how much they mean to you.


Tell them

Although it may seem uncomfortable the first time, telling your family, friends, or SO how much you love and appreciate all they do will work wonders for their self-esteem and the bond you share. Don’t be nervous, just speak from the heart and everything will start to feel easy and natural.


This is how we show our loved ones we care all year long, how do you? Share your suggestions in the comments!