5 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Feel at Home in a New Apartment

Moving is a stressful time for everyone – furry friends included! Help your pet settle in and feel comfortable in your new apartment home with these simple tips.

  1. Let your pet visit the neighborhood and apartment prior to moving in.  Give them some time to sniff around and become comfortable with the new sights and smells.
  2. The final stages of packing can be traumatizing for your pet. Let them stay at a familiar location with friends and family as you finish up the move.
  3. Pack their toys and blankets in their own special box. Unpack that box first so your pet is surrounded by familiar items.
  4. Shamelessly spoil them! Get your pet a fun new toy to distract them during the move.
  5. Immediately after the move-in, wear out your pet with a long walk around the neighborhood. This will burn off nervous energy and help them relax in their new home.