5 Sure Win Ways to Fill out Your March Madness Bracket

Four Multi-Ethnic Friends Stacking Hands

March Madness month is here amd Selection Sunday is March 13th! Are you ready to fill out the bracket? Whether you’re doing it for fun, extra cash, or out of love for the game, the NCAA Tournament is one of the most exciting times in sports. Take a look at a few of our favorite tips for filling out your 2016 bracket. Good luck college basketball fans!


Don’t pick #16 seeds

As much as everyone likes to root for an underdog, the 16 seeds never win in the tournament. Yes, it would make a great story and you would become a legend IF you picked a crazy upset like that. But the reality is, it’s mostly likely not going to happen since it hasn’t in over 75 years. So go ahead and forget about those (and the #15s while you’re at it).


Do listen to analysts and experts

No regular Joe knows everything there is to know about college basketball teams. There are 347 Division I college basketball teams and 68 will make it to the NCAA tournament, chances are you’ll need guidance from the sports gods. So now is the time to have ESPN analysts on your big screen TV and and download all the best sports news apps. If someone tells you you’ve becomed obsessed, just smile and wave folks. Your bracket will speak for itself.


Stay on top of suspensions and injury reports 

Those darn college kids – always getting into some sort of trouble. All joking aside, you will want to be cognizant of any players who violate NCAA rules and get suspended. There’s usually a fallen star or two around this time of year. Also, stay up to date on the newest injuries and athlete reports to help make sure your bracket is full of strong, healthy players.


What are the odds?

Be sure to check out betting odds before filling out your bracket. This can help provide insight into underdogs and either reaffirm or make you think twice about going with your gut. There’s a reason people keep returning to Vegas, it usually pays off big.


Have fun with it

Lastly, just have fun and don’t overthink it. No one has ever picked a perfect March Madness bracket and most likely – no one ever will. So go ahead and have a good time with it. If you like one team’s colors or uniforms over the other’s, pick them! If you’re thinking that in a fight, a wildcat would beat up a banana slug, then pick the wildcats! Overall, this is a lighthearted activity where you’re usually competing with friends, coworkers, and relatives – just enjoy the excitement.


Who are you favoring to win the whole thing? Let us know in the comments!