5 Things to do to Avoid The April Showers

April showers bring more than May flowers. The change of seasons is a powerful force in our lives – as the ice and snow of winter melt away in some regions we welcome those rainy days that clean the earth and invite new seasons, because the smell of april is the promise of the return of warm sunshine. And let’s be honest, when it rains, the best thing to do is run outside and play in the puddles. Unfortunately, that kind of fun only lasts for so long. When you’re all rained out, cozy up inside with these fun activities.


Activity: Netflix and chill

Must have: popcorn and bae

Let’s face it, the sky is gloomy, the sound of rain is creating a symphony on your roof, and your fridge is stocked with all your favorite snacks. It’s almost like the couch, a cozy blanket, and Netflix account are calling your name. Turn your phone to Do Not Disturb, get settled in your favorite spot, and spend the day with Kevin Bacon in the thrilling series, The Following, or Analease Keaton in How to Get Away with Murder; Or, if documentaries are more your speed, check out Unbranded where you’ll meet four young Texans and sixteen mustangs as they embark on an outrageous adventure to ride border to border, Mexico to Canada, up the spine of the American West. And save us a seat, that actually sounds marvelous.


Activity: Coloring

Must have: margarita & 90s music

Yes, we said color. You think just because you’re an adult, you’ve outgrown this kid-favorite activity? Think again. Adult coloring bootks are quickly becoming a popular trend among adults, but unlike many fads, this one is actually good for you. Coloring is considered a stress-free activity, targeting the fear center of the brain, allowing your mind to get the rest it needs.


Activity: Build a fort

Must have: PBRs

You’re army-crawling beneath barbed wire (sheets hung overhead), squeezing between thorn bushes (two chairs), trying to find your way back to your campsite (a pile of pillows), all while being followed by an unknown figure (your girlfriend) who keeps ducking, and hiding, behind trees (more sheets). Ok, so you’re playing pretend. And 30. But who really says you have to stop playing make-believe when you begin adulting. We firmly advocate for letting your inner child shine. So go on, channel your inner six-year as the rain pit-pats on your roof.


Activity: Board games

Must have: girlfriends, cheese plate, & wine

Call up your besties, open a bottle of wine, and grab whatever cheese you have in your fridge and grab those board games from the hallway closet. Whether it’s a nostalgic classic like monopoly (I call the shoe!), or trending favorite like Cards against Humanity, you can tell a lot about a person by which piece they choose or cards they play. Oh, and if you do choose Cards against Humanity,


Activity: Spring cleaning

Must have: motivation & your favorite spotify playlist

This isn’t a sponsored activity by your Community Manager, we promise. In fact, there’s few things more liberating than opening all your windows during a rainy day to let that fresh clean air roll through, crank up your favorite tunes, and bust out the cleaning supplies and go to town. And by go to town, we mean clean. In the midst of it all you might discover those photos you thought you lost in a box in the back of your closet. When that happens, feel free to reminence. And when cleaning your house, always stop for a dance party and shake your groove thing. We insist.


There you have it, let rain season commence. What rainy-day activities would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments.