Big Solutions for Small Spaces

There are some small space solutions that seems like common sense — clear the clutter, use double duty items, scale down your furniture and then, there are some that make no sense whatsoever…but they work! Wonder if they’ll work in your space?

  • Hang your curtains high up over your windows: Though it would seem to make more sense to keep your windows clear and streamlined, try hanging curtains. Install them higher that the top of your windows. You might even hang them at the celing line! The long sweep of fabric will give the impression that the ceilings are much higher than they actually are.
  • Go big: Go for the big couch! Larger furniture makes a small space feel grand instead of apologetic.
  • Install a chandelier or a ceiling fan: Both draw the eye upwards, creating the feeling of more space
  • Go Tall: Use at least one very tall piece of furniture for the same reason. Or try a big standing lamp, a tall floral arrangement.
  • Don’t center your artwork on your wall: Hang your pictures off-center to focus the eyes on something other than the size of the space.
  • Go bold with with color: It would seem that the smaller the space, the better to go for white walls, neutral furniture, a quiet rug. But actually, the opposite it true. Bold color or pattern in a small space can actually make a room feel bigger because the eye dances around the space.