7 Tips to Ace Your Interview

Candidate in a relaxed job interview.

You worked hard to create the perfect resume and your hard work seems to finally being paying off. You are so close to landing the career of your dreams, but you need to nail your interview. Don’t just settle for answers on Google or you will sound the same as every other candidate. The interview is your only opportunity to make a memorable impression. Here are some pointers to seal the deal:

Dress to Impress
Your appearance says a lot about you. Business professional attire is highly recommended when going to an interview. Make sure you are well-groomed as well. Spend the extra time in the morning getting ready.

Do Your Research
Don’t make the mistake of not preparing enough. Be sure to know the objectives the position entails. Research the company and learn about the industry the company is a part of.

Come Over Prepared
Bring extra copies of your resume, references, and cover letter. You can never be to sure of how many individuals will be interviewing you. Being able to provide additional copies illustrates your ability to be prepared for anything.

Be Aware of Your Body Language
Body language is a just as impactful as dialogue. Be sure to greet the interviewers with a strong handshake.The easiest way to ease the tension and nerves is by smiling. Smiling reciprocates a friendly and inviting demeanor that employers want to hire. By planting your feet on the ground, keeping your head leveled and maintaining eye contact, you will appear confident and in control.

Don’t Disclose Negative Experiences
Never talk negatively about a past employer or co-worker. Your potential employer does not want to employ an individual who will easily tarnish a company or peer’s reputation. If you didn’t have a positive experience, you can always state you left to pursue better opportunities.

Ask the Right Questions
Prepare a set of well-thought questions about the company and position. Asking specific and smart questions will make you depict your strong interest. For example, “how has this position evolved in the company” or ” how would you describe the ideal candidate”.

Follow Up
Make the extra effort to email the recruiter or hiring manager after the interview. The email should be straightforward and simple. Thank the interviewer, summarize your qualifications one last time, and emphasize your desire to become a part of the company.