A Guide for Hosting Guests This Holiday Season

Hosting house-guests during the holiday season can seem stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. To make sure you and your relatives can remain happy and comfortable in your home for the next few days, follow these simple steps:


Looks like a hotel, feels like home

Almost everyone enjoys the feeling they get when entering a neat, tidy, and trendy hotel suite. Try recreating this feeling in the guest bedroom of your home by cleaning as thoroughly as possible. Wash the sheets and towels to give the fabrics a bright look and fresh scent. Lay out the toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, tissue, soap, shampoo and conditioner. And don’t forget plenty of fluffed up pillows and cozy blankets to help your guests sleep peacefully and comfortably. After all, they’ve taken time off of work to visit you, let them have a mini-vacation.


Mi casa es su casa

If your guests are staying more than a day, try to clear out closet and drawer space in the guest bedroom to allow them to unpack and feel relaxed. Let them know that if they need anything at all they can come to you without feeling like they’re imposing on you. Continuously communicate how excited you are to have them over and that your house should feel like home to them.


Snack and drink arsenal

While your house-guests are here for the big dinner with turkey, ham, and everything indulgent and delicious, they may at some point get sick of the heavy meals. Stock up on snacks like fruits, veggies, and granola bars to make for a quick healthy bites in between meals and activities. Load up on water bottles, juice, beer, and wine to make sure everyone is hydrated and energized for all the holiday fun.  


A night on the town

If this is the first time your guests have ever been to your city, play tour guide. Take them out to your favorite restaurants, bars, and shops to get to know the vibe of your neighborhood and learn a little more about you and your taste. An evening on the town allows for some bonding time, relaxation, and acts as an escape from being cooped up the house.


What suggestions do you have for hosting house-guests this holiday season? Give us your tips in the comment section!