Adding Color Without Paint

Design addicts, rejoice! Just because your apartment has white walls doesn’t mean it has to be ‘blah.’ When it comes to making a rental feel like home, there are many ways to decorate your apartment space without adding a drop of paint. Think of the walls as your blank canvas. Ask yourself – what can I put against my canvas that will really pop?  Here are some creative ways to decorate your apartment without jeopardizing your security deposit! (Remember – you may be responsible for filling in nail holes and touching up paint. Check with your leasing agent or review your lease agreement for more details).

Use artwork. A big, bold painting adds serious flair to any room. A thoughtfully hung picture (think above a fireplace or sofa) creates a natural focal point with color and dimension.  If you really want to make an impact, group several pieces together collage-style or simply prop a huge piece up against the wall.


Incorporate color with furniture and accessories. Your options here are endless. Most people opt for neutral hues when buying large pieces, but a brightly-colored couch or accent table looks more cheerful, especially in a small space. If you’re not ready to commit to a bold piece of furniture just yet, use bright throw pillows to test the waters.


Treat your floors! A statement area rug is an excellent way to bring life to your apartment. Whether your style is modern or classic, minimalist or rustic, there are many affordable rug options out there to suit your mood. Swap rugs out seasonally to keep your look fresh!


Colorful bedding and linens are fun ways to show off your personality in an otherwise drab space. Neutral color duvets (greys and tans) are all the rage right now, but vibrant throw pillows and blankets always look sharp and can tie a bedroom motif together.


How do you add color and personality to your apartment? Share your best decorating photos and tips with us!

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