Best Winter Brews

The holidays may be over but the chilly season is far from it. Time to escape the cold by relaxing at home and sipping on these winter ales. Whether you enjoy hints of hazelnut, candied fruits, or touches of vanilla – these beers will warm up your tummy and satisfy that beer craving. Give your tastebuds a treat with these seven cold time brews.

Southern Tier Old Man Winter (New York)

Pair it with: a blanket and good book

After a long and busy day, nothing sounds quite as comforting than curling up with a blanket and good book. The only thing that could make it better? An old-style ale, rich in flavor and made to keep you warm during those not-so-nice days of winter.


Bell’s Winter White Ale (Michigan)

Pair it with: watching the snow fall

There’s nothing better during winter than sitting by a window, watching the snow fall, and knowing you don’t have to drive in it. So while you’re enjoying the whiteout, be sure to grab this winter white ale, that gives beer drinkers a lighter alternative to the traditionally dark winter brews.


Brooklyn Brewery Winter Ale (New York)

Pair it with: a hockey game

Here’s a complex, yet subtle top performer that has all the crispness of your favorite American lager, without the intense taste of grain or adjuncts. Enjoy the mild sweetness and malt finish with each swig. Grab a few friends and have this ale ready for puck drop.


Deschutes 2012 Jubelale (Oregon)

Pair it with: Curling up by a roaring fireplace

When the weather gets cold and the calendar turns over, keeping warm can be an uphill battle. On days where Jack Frost comes nipping at your nose, light a fire and grab this winter warmer ale hailing from Oregon. This brewery’s first bottled beer is a must try when hanging around the flames.


East End Brewing’s Snow Melt Winter Ale (Pennsylvania)

Pair it with: charcuterie and game night

This chilly time of year is perfect for hosting close friends and family for a snack and game night. While it’s cold and snowy outside, the aptly named Snow Melt winter ale – is a sure bet to be a hit. This rich malty ale goes great with charcuterie and and has just enough kick to keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy.


Highland Brewing’s Cold Mountain Winter Ale (North Carolina)

Pair it with: good music and baking

Winter has always been a wonderful season for baking. Warm cookies, cakes, and other assorted goodies pair perfectly with the cold weather. But you won’t need milk to wash it down if you keep some of this delicious winter ale at hand. Hints of vanilla and hazelnut give this beer the right flavor profile to go alongside your holiday treats.


Avery Old Jubilation (Colorado)

Pair it with: a DIY project

Have an unfinished Pinterest project lying around? Well, here’s an IPA that gives you a nice dose of big, round hop flavors without inducing sleep, so you can still finish your homemade craft  – all while enjoying that tasty beer.


Know a few brews to add to this list? Let us know your favorite winter pairing in the comments.