Bikes in the City

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? I remember the thrill I got the first time my dad launched me, wobbling, down the sidewalk sans training wheels. Amid fierce promises he wouldn’t let go, I started peddling. Faster and faster until I looked back and realized no one was holding on any longer. I felt a jolt of fear that I’d fall, but when I didn’t go tumbling down, I felt free!

As we grow up, our busy lives demand we trade bikes for cars. With the environmental hazards of motorized vehicle traffic growing every day, riding a bike is an easy, eco-friendly way to travel short distances. Plus it’s relatively inexpensive (hello, $4 per gallon for gas).

Several cities across the country are realizing this and implementing bike-share programs to combat problems like cost and a lack of storage space. Some of the most popular programs are in cities such as Boston, Denver and Miami Beach. Doctors are recommending their patients participate in bike-share programs to encourage exercise and healthy living. In all honesty, riding a bike through the city is infinitely more fun than running on a treadmill for an hour at the gym.

Apartment communities such as Broadstone Lincoln and Broadstone Camelback are not only offering bicycle storage lockers on-site, but are providing community-owned bicycles for residents to borrow free of charge.

So ditch the car for that quick trip to the corner store or dinner down the street with friends. Dust of the seat and pump up the tires. Jump on and start peddling. Join the bike movement!