Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

Have your date nights turned into a revolving door of sweatpants, Netflix and takeout from the Chinese joint down the street? If so, it might be time to switch things up (though we highly advocate for the occasional lazy night in). Don’t let a budget stop you from keeping the novelty in your relationship. Cheap date nights are within reach and we’re here to share a few that won’t break the bank.

Game day in the park. Grab some blankets, pack a few snacks and head to your local park. Stream music via Spotify on your phone and play a game of Monopoly until someone wins. Healthy competition livens up a relationship.

Go Thrifting. Head to a flea market or spend the day scavenging garage sales. Some of the best conversation starters happen while rummaging through other people’s nostalgic products from the 90s.

Hike. Endorphins are magical, man. Challenge yourself and your partner to an invigorating rush that will last all day. Maybe even pack a lunch to enjoy a victory meal on top of the world.

Join a rec league. There are a ton of intramural softball leagues waiting for you to join! Meet new friends and enjoy quality, sweaty time together.

Build a fort. Sound childish? That’s the point. Put your fort-building skills to the test and when you’ve got a mansion made of blankets, cozy up and swap childhood memories over a cheap bottle of wine (or two).

Check out your Community Center. Skip the bars this weekend and try for an amenity crawl. With a full kitchen, media room, fitness facility and the occasional community event (with free food) … your Friday night just got interesting.

Attend a free event. You know that event section in your local newspaper? Look at it. You’ll be surprised at how many free art shows, block parties and festivals are happening right under your nose. To get a new perspective of your city, forgo driving and opt for public transport instead.

Learn a skill together. Most community colleges or local studios offer education courses ranging from woodworking and pottery to photography and graphic design.

Volunteer. What’s cuter than seeing someone you’re into play with puppies? Not much. The Humane Society is always accepting volunteers and dogs need love, too!

Stargaze. Some of the most thought-provoking conversations are sparked while laying under the stars tracing constellations. Go deep or go home.

Fly a kite. Are you ready to channel your youthful spirit? Go buy a cheap kite from the grocery store and head to the park to see what it can do.

Have a dance party. Pick up a few bottles of two-buck chucks, throw on your favorite jams, turn up the volume and have a dance party in the middle of your living room.
Are you inspired yet? If you’ve got a favorite date idea that costs next to nothing, we want to hear it. Share it in the comments!