Decorating for Autumn

Gone are the long hot nights of summer. In their place are changing leaves and earlier sunsets. And with the trees and weather reflecting the change in season, what can you do to create fall vibes inside your home? Here are a few ways to decorate your place in the spirit of Autumn.

Decorating with nature

Fall is all about warm colors. Deep oranges, hints of gold and yellow, and a few splashes of crimson. Try pairing a variety of flowers like bronze garden mums, red pansies, and yellow sunflowers in a copper colored vase or making a wreath using pinecones, acorns, dried corn, and burlap for the bow. Another idea is to place a few wicker baskets around your home with red apples, pomegranates, or Bosc pears. Having the fruits and flowers of fall in your home is bound to leave it looking colorful and warm for the holidays.

The scents of fall

The aromas of fall are just as important as the colors when decorating your home. While baking apple pie and snickerdoodle cookies are the most authentic way of creating Autumn smells, you can achieve those warm scents in a couple of other ways. There are so many varieties of pumpkin and cinnamon spice candles that are great for keeping your place cozy and smelling delightful. If you really want to get creative, try a few simmering recipes using anything from orange rind, to nutmeg, cloves, brown sugar and vanilla.

The staple of the season

Harvest time decorating would be incomplete without pumpkins. Besides the obvious orange ones, you can get a few mini or oddly shaped green, white, or yellow pumpkins and gourds to spread around your home. If you want to make your pumpkin unique, you can paint them with glitter or stencils for an elegant feel. Or you can try drilling in holes to make the pumpkin light up with a creative design once you insert the candle. Another idea is the use the pumpkin as a flower pot holder to lay out on your balcony or as a table centerpiece.


However you decide to decorate this fall, tell us know about it!