Decorating for the Holidays: Checklist

The windows of department stores are decorated to the nines. The tunes and songs of the season play loudly wherever you go. And the lines to see the jolly faced old man extend for what seems like miles. It’s safe to say that it’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays. But what about inside of your home? Have you begun decorating your place to reflect this bright and cheery time of year? If not, we’ve set up a checklist and provided a few words of advice to help you get started. With Santa getting ready to take to the skies and #AllianceUltimateChill on the horizon, we’re all about cozying up inside and taking full advantage of what Alliance community living has to offer. So, decorate your home to shine with joy and merriness this season, because life begins where you are.


  • Tree

A full and tall fir or pine in the living room is a tradition in most homes and can be decorated in a number of ways depending on your personal style preferences and color palette. Mini trees are a great addition to mantels, porches, or as dining table centerpieces. Sprinkle them with some white or silver glitter if you’re feeling kind of crafty.


  • Garland

A long and elegant garland on the mantel, over a door, or along the bannister adds sophistication and spirit to your home.


  • Lights

Add bright and colorful lights to your tree or garland and watch them illuminate your home with warmth and simplicity.


  • Ornaments

Whether you love them for their bright colors or the way they sparkle against the lights, your tree needs that something extra to make it complete. If you have a few leftover ornaments after decorating the tree, try inserting the ornaments in a vase or decorative mason jar as a centerpiece.


  • Wreath

With all the guests you’ll be hosting this holiday, welcome them warmly with a nice and friendly wreath. Whether you make it DIY project or pick one up from Pottery Barn, the wreath adds the holiday element every home needs.


  • Red

Add a dash of boldness to your home with the color red by using holly in your garland, cranberries in your centerpiece, or poinsettias in your walkway.


  • Candles

A few candles spread around the house will allow your home to shine bright and exude an element of cozy comfort and seasonal scents.


  • Stockings

Be them burlap, knitted, or satin – a few simple stockings hanging around the house are just the right touch of cheeriness for every home.


  • Pinecones

Create a woodland scene inside your place by scattering a few pinecones on your dining room table or using them in your wreath with a burlap bow or ribbon.


  • Sayings of the season

Try picking out a chalkboard or canvas to hang on your wall with a warm and jolly saying that embodies the spirit of the season.


How are you decorating your home this season? Tell us all about it in the comments or upload a photo to our Facebook page using the #AllianceUltimateChill.