Doorstep Decor for a Stylish Spring

Sweet-smelling flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining over clear blue skies, needless to say, it’s beginning to feel a lot like spring. So for this happy and delightful time of year, how are you decorating your doorstep to reflect the this beautiful budding season?

Spring’s color palette includes everything from soft pinks and warm yellows to muted shades of green, blue, and gray. For some DIY crafts, try filling an old pair of rainboots or watering can with daisies or tulips to hang on the door with a burlap bow or ribbon. Whether you prefer to style with bunnies, eggs, and baskets or stylish pastel prints and springtime sayings, there are a number of ways to dress up your doorstep this season. Here are a few of our favorite items to welcome visitors through your home’s threshold:

Item: Doormat

Maker: West Elm

This sturdy doormat allows visitors to thoroughly wipe their shoes (after spring showers) while retaining it’s warm welcoming message as they walk through your door.

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Item: Chalkboard Quote

Maker: TimberAndType

Displaying the sweet spring saying, “The earth laughs in flowers”, this framed chalkboard quote perfectly reflects the beauty and cheerfulness of a colorful season.

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Item: Wreath

Maker: Crate and Barrel

With its pretty pinks and earthy twigs, this Japanese Apple Blossom wreath makes for a delicate and feminine touch to your door. Your visitors will appreciate it’s elegant and uncomplicated style.

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Item: Wall planter

Maker: Anthropologie

Your home’s entrance might be missing this simple yet significantly lovely Leather-Latched Wall Planter. Fill it with lilac for spring, succulents in summer, or dahlias in fall.

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Item: Burlap banner

Maker: MountainBirdBanners

An adorable addition to your door is this handmade burlap banner announcing “spring” with a feminine font and pink roses on the side. Make your guests smile as soon as they walk up and see this undeniably sweet streamer.

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Item: Planter

Maker: Home Depot

Nothing says spring like flowers! Fill up a few planters or baskets with hyacinths, daffodils, azaleas and lay them out by your door with a pretty pastel colored rug.

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How are you sprucing up for spring? Is it more Easter themed, floral, or refined? Share your doorstep decor tips and photos with us in the comment section!