Everything is Better Together

While moving in together carries a lot of wonderful perks like sharing responsibilities, seeing each other everyday, and cooking for one another, there is a lot to think about before you get started. This is a lot different than living with friends and family and cohabitating can be a big step in a relationship. There may be times you’ll need to compromise and exercise patience in order to enjoy the overall benefits of sharing a place with the one you love. In preparation of the big move, we’ve outlined few topics that can make the process go smooth and easy. And remember this tip – if your friends help you move, pay them back with food and/or beer.


Have the “talk”

For some couples, talking about money can be taboo and something they avoid entirely. And while it can be a sticky subject, you’ll want to feel comfortable having this conversation before you start sharing financial responsibilities. Sit down together and lay it all out on the table. Talk about who can afford what, how to divide living expenses, and what your long term financial goals involve. Once the two of you come to an agreement and feel satisfied with the outcome, you can move on to the best part, picking out a place.


Find your happy place

In some cases, it may be obvious when deciding where to move. For example, maybe one of you has a bigger or nicer place so the decision is easy. But in other instances, the two of you may want to pick out a place together that suits both of your needs. This involves assessing the desired size, amenities, price range, and location. Once you’ve picked out your place and signed a contract, you’re ready for the nitty gritty details.  


Be selective in what you keep

This is where things start to get fun. Some people like to call this the purge period, we’ll call it a cleansing period. At this point in time, you and your partner most likely have two of everything and not enough space to store it all. While two TVs are a good a idea (one for the living room and one for the bedroom), with almost everything else, you’ll just need one. Start by making four piles of what you will keep, sell, donate, and throw out in the process. Try to be patient and compassionate for the things your partner wants to keep even if you don’t see a need for the item. As long as you both respect each other’s feelings and belongings, this process should be fun and simple and help you get off on a good start.


Did we miss anything? What tips do you recommend when moving in with your significant other? Tell us in the comments.