Fake The Jolly Til You Are Jolly

You’ve blinked and the year has sped on by. It’s hard to believe there are only a few more weeks until the New Year and the cycle starts over again. And while the lights have gone up, the radio plays carols, and it’s becoming colder and colder outside – you just can’t get into the holiday spirit. We get it. Whether you’re busy with work, family, or juggling countless other responsibilities, try doing just a few of these activities to bring cheer into your humble abode. Because life begins where you live, right?


‘Tis the season of decorating

Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like decorating your home on the inside and out. Start by putting up a few lights out on your balcony or building a wreath for your door as a fun DIY project. Stop by your local crafts shop and pick up some paints to create a frosted glass look for your window. On the inside of your home, start with garlands and candles spread throughout the rooms. And most importantly – decorate your tree! Whether it’s perfectly color coordinated or adorned with mismatched homemade ornaments, it will light up your place in more ways than one.


Winter wonderland activities

Another idea to get you in the holiday mood is going out and enjoying the weather and traditions of this time of year. Put on your gloves and warmest socks before heading out to the ice skating rink or sliding down a snowy hill. Organize a group of friends that can get together and surprise your neighbors with caroling. Or volunteer your time at a local shelter or soup kitchen to give back to the community.


Eat, drink, and be merry

The treats and drinks of the season are most people’s favorite part of the holiday. Indulge your sweet tooth and practice your baking skills by making sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, or rice krispie treats. Curl up by the fire and sip some hot cocoa or partake in a few cups of eggnogs. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling warm and spirited for the holiday season.


Jolly fun with friends and family

The holidays mean time for your friends and family. Take a break off of work and your busy schedule to host a holiday potluck or ugly sweater contest. Even if you just invite your favorites over for coffee and cake, the little moments with loved ones will fill you up with plenty of holiday cheer.  But also remember what’s right outside your door. Alliance community offers the ultimate lifestyle experience, check with your community center to see what kind of gatherings are planned – get out and get to know your neighbors – and make this the #AllianceUltimateChill holiday.


Did we leave anything out? What tip do you recommend for feeling the spirit of the season? We want to know!