Fall in Love For Real This February

Start your Story!

Wouldn’t you love to love somebody who never judged you? Was always waiting excitedly at the door when you came home? And never (OK, almost never) begged to eat your food off your plate before you finished?

If there’s room in your heart for a personality that fits the bill, it may be a new pet that you’re looking for. Alliance Residential Communities is proud to support pet adoption from our local shelters and rescue groups and The Shelter Pet Project is a great place to start looking for a lifetime friend to start a story with! Just enter our zip code in the search box and pets in our area who are ready for new homes will pop up, with a cuteness factor that exceeds the best Tinder posts!

When you adopt, you may even have a brush with true celebrity. Do you know what fashion icon Toast Meets World, globally recognized pianist Keyboard Cat and life of the party Hamilton Pug have in common? All of them were discovered at a shelter, and all have gone on to internet fame and stardom. What story will you start, when you bring a new pet home to our community?

Our office is happy to review our pet policies and help you register your new family member as soon as they come home—please come by and say Hi…maybe we’ll even ask for an autograph!