Finding the Perfect Floor Plan

Choosing the layout of your home is one of life’s biggest decisions. It can affect everything from the energy bill to hosting houseguests to your overall moods and feelings when you come home after work. Picking the right place – one that suits your lifestyle needs and matches your personality – is a matter to take seriously and thoughtfully. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve gathered a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing your home’s design layout.


Sizing and space needs

The first step is figuring out how large of a home your lifestyle requires. Perhaps you entertain often and would like a big kitchen and living room but can compromise on bedroom size. If you have a partner or family, maybe you need enough rooms for an office, guests, and play area. After you’ve decided upon the size, you can move onto more specific details like choosing single stories over multi-level and open spaces versus ones that are more sectioned off. The flow of your living space is essential for feeling positive, satisfied, and proud of the place you call home.


Family and friends might know best

Choosing your floor plan is a huge decision that you shouldn’t have to make alone. Consult with your most trusted friends and family as they might have helpful advice or insight on what works well. If a model or showing of the actual home is an option, bring your loved ones for a walk-through and let them weigh in on the pick. Ultimately, you have final say but a few words from the wise can give you a push in the right direction.


Stay within budget

When we walk into a beautiful and spacious living area, we tend to fall in love, even if it’s a little out of our price range. But bigger isn’t always better and finding the right home for the right price, is easier than you think. You just need a little patience. Also, keep in mind that things like floor to ceiling windows that face east or west can impact your cooling and heating bills. So, before coming to a decision, try to think through the bills and potential costs you would face if you chose this spot as your permanent dwelling.

Go with your gut

As cheesy as it sounds, you might get lucky enough to get a “feeling” as soon as you walk into “the one”. No, it probably won’t cause you to cry like a bride who’s just found the perfect dress, but you will find that you can easily imagine yourself living there. In your head you’ll picture your furnishings in the space and dream up what it would be like to call it your humble abode. Listening to your gut will make the decision so much easier. When it comes to choosing the layout, trust yourself, take size and space into consideration, and have fun with it.


These are our tips for selecting a design layout, what are yours? Share them with us in the comments!