First Apartment Essentials

Broadstone Waterfront - Scottsdale, Arizona

So, you’re moving into your own apartment? Besides the mounting excitement, you’re also probably feeling nervous about the packing and then unpacking, and overwhelmed by all the stuff you still need to buy to fill that apartment. There are necessities, and a ton of lists with printable PDFs for your convenience (see here, here and here). When it comes to most of these things, it’s best to shop for a bargain. But there are a few items that you should invest in. Here are three areas that you shouldn’t skimp on when shopping for your apartment.

Invest in your bedroom

Why? Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. It’s critical to our survival, given that the average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime. So, basically a third of your life is spent in bed. That said, a bed is a long-term investment and not a purchase to be made lightly. For a mattress and frame, be selective. If it’s not comfortable, move on. And don’t stop there, make sure your sheets and comfortable make crawling into bed at night and waking up in the morning equally pleasurable.

Sheets: Real Simple magazine simplifies how to choose the best bed sheets.

Pillows: The wrong pillow can increase headaches, cause neck and shoulder pain and be flat-out uncomfortable. WHen shopping for the perfect pillow, you should consider your sleeping style? If you sleep on your back, opt for a thinner pillow so your head isn’t too far forward. For side sleepers, choose a more firm pillow to fill the distance between the ear and outside shoulder. Tummy sleepers should consider a thin, flat pillow or no pillow at all. Tucking a pillow under your belly can help you avoid lower back pain. And then we get into the topic of pillow stuffing. For that, head here for more information and the science behind it.

Invest in your music

Why? Music has the unique ability to transform the energy in a room. And it just so happens that a record player makes for a great center piece. There’s something so very therapeutic about selecting a vinyl that depicts your current mood, carefully removing it from it’s cover and placing it ever so gently on the record player to melt the stress of your day away. Besides, it’s a great first impression. Guests are always fascinated by not just the sight of a record player, but your selection of records.

Record Player: You can find reasonably priced vintage record players and floor speakers on craigslist, or head to Urban Outfitters and find a small table-top player that fits your personality and takes up little space. For best quality, you’ll have to buy speakers separately. But, you can always worry about that later.

Records: Head to your local record store and browse their collection. Chances are you’ll find some nostalgic record that reminds you of your mom in addition to the newest record of your favorite band. Bonus points for shopping local!

Invest in your kitchen

Why? If you’re a foodie and enjoy a quality home cooked meal, courtesy of you or your cooking-machine-of-a-partner, then you understand the value of investing in cookware that doesn’t leave your food stuck to the pan. Here’s a guide to the best material for pots and pans for you to do your research on the what’s what of kitchenware. Tip: this is also a great item to add to your registry for when you host your housewarming party!

What household items do you refuse to skimp on? Share in the comments.