Fun Costumes for Couples

The costume parties are coming up soon and what better way to show your SO that you love them than by playing their other half (literally) for a night. So here are a few costumes for Halloween 2015 that will get you and your partner in crime a few laughs and points for creativity. After all, couples who dress up together, stay together, right?

Concept: Waldo and Carmen Sandiego

Now you’ll know where they both are and all will be right in the world.

Costume needs for Waldo: blue jeans, red and white striped shirt and beanie, glasses

Costume needs for Carmen: tall black boots, red wide-brimmed hat, red trench coat


Concept: Andy and Kate from Wet Hot American Summer: First day of camp

If you’re keen on this cult classic then you know there’s no love like that between Kate and Andy.

What’ you’ll need for Andy: The canadian tuxedo (A denim jacket with denim jeans), and old band tee, chucks and a puka shell necklace

What’ you’ll need for Kate: wedge sandals, a striped crop top, fitted high-waisted jeans


Concept: Pizza and the Rat

Vermin has never looked so good as it does paired as this perfect duo.

Costume needs for pizza: large cardboard, markers or paint, tape or velcro

Costume needs for rat: whiskers, tail, gray outfit, rat ears


Concept: S’more love

Who needs personal space when you’re with your favorite indulgences?

Costume needs for chocolate: Cardboard or beige pillow for graham cracker, tape or velcro, brown outfit to represent chocolate

Costume needs for marshmallow: Cardboard or beige pillow for graham cracker, all white outfit to represent marshmallow


Concept: Khaleesi and her dragon

There’s no greater love than that of a mother for her children … or dragons in Daenerys’s case.

Costume needs for Khaleesi: long blue dress, gladiator sandals, white blonde wig

Costume needs for dragon: dragon head, wings, and claws


Concept: Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm

It’s what true love and super savings are made of.

Costume needs for Flo: white pants, white collared shirt, white apron, blue headband, red lipstick, Flo name tag, “I heart insurance” pin

Costume needs for Jake: khaki’s (of course), red collared shirt, State Farm logo, black telephone


What do you and your significant other plan on being this Halloween? Let us know in the comments.