Holiday Travel for Toto too? Yes, for Toto too!

The holidays are upon us! It’s time to visit friends, see family, and spend some well-deserved time away from work. Don’t forget while you’re planning your holiday travel to make a plan for your pets too. [We] love your pets but we don’t want them left behind without great care! The Humane Society of the United States has some great tips for finding a pet sitter or choosing a boarding kennel, depending on your furry friends’ needs. If you are leaving your pets on the property in the care of a sitter, please let the front office know how to reach them, and you at your destination, in case of emergency.


Is Toto or Tabitha going along for the ride? The HSUS also has great tips for traveling with your pet, and planning the trip in advance so you know what to take. Tip #1: make sure all pets have current ID tags and microchip records! Tape your cell phone number to your pet’s collar so that if you are accidentally separated during the trip, anyone who finds your pet can contact you immediately.


Spending extra time (and let’s admit it, money) on our pets over the holidays can be great fun, and we hope you will share your holiday pictures and stories with us!