Hosting a Spooktacular Halloween Party

If you’ve been scrolling through your instagram feed, you may have noticed that the Halloween festivities have already begun. And what better way to get in on that fun than by hosting your very own spooktacular Halloween Party! Whether you’re making it a family-friendly affair or an adults only party, here are some starting points for putting together your scary celebration!

Haunted house

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without all the eerie elements associated with this harvest time holiday. Decorate with creepy cobwebs, black curtains, and flameless candles to create a dark and starling atmosphere. Skulls, pumpkins, and witch hats are always a nice and harmless touch. But if you’re looking to give your friends a fright, pick up some dry ice, rent a vampire coffin, or make a clown mask (these are universally scary right?).

Devil’s food

After showing off their costume, the next stop people make at the party is the refreshments table. This is the perfect opportunity to freak out your friends but also get compliments on your kitchen skills. Try making creepy caramel apples by using black food coloring. Or adding devil horns to cupcakes. Take a shot at homemade eyeballs using Mini Baybell cheese, black olives, ketchup and red food coloring. For detailed instructions on any of these suggestions, visit the links below.  




And the winner is…

A little competition throughout the night adds laughs, conversation, and excitement to the party. Let your guests know ahead of time that there will be prizes for the funniest, scariest, and most original costumes. This will get all of their creative juices flowing as your guests try to be the “best” costume of the night. Bring out the old karaoke machine for some late night crooning of “Jeepers Creepers” and “Monster Mash” and award the best and worst singers. For some old fashioned fun, you can set up a bobbing for apples station or halloween “feel box” with spaghetti, peeled grapes, or mini sausages.
These are just a few ideas to get the planning process started and by no means a complete list. What do you suggest for hosting a Halloween party? Let us know in the comments.