How Roommates Saved Me Time in the Kitchen

When you are only cooking for yourself, there is less motivation to cook something special. Having roommates can be a great way to try out new recipes while also easing your schedule. I live with two roommates and we each have two nights where we are responsible for cooking for everyone. I always have fun cooking for them but it’s nice to get a break sometimes. Who doesn’t love being cooked for? Here are a few tips to make communal cooking enjoyable.

Communicate Preferences Regularly-First it’s always important to know if any of your roommates have serious allergies. Second, it’s good to know if they are vegetarian or vegan. Third, specify if you are willing to share groceries. Finally, it’s helpful to know when each person likes to eat. Get a dry erase or chalk board to share menu ideas with your roommates.

Plan Ahead of Time-Schedules change constantly, but assigning responsibilities on a weekly basis helps minimize the stress. Before you go to the grocery store, write a list of all of things you will need. Try to get ingredients that can be used in multiple ways. Use websites such as Pinterest to find quick and easy recipes.

Treat yourself –Everyone deserves a break from cooking. Trying out new restaurants can also inspire different recipes to use at home!