How to Become a Packing Expert

If you’re lucky, summer can mean vacations. However, with vacations comes packing, which can become a nightmare without the proper time and planning. I’ve definitely been that girl crying at the airport because my suitcase is over 50 pounds and I’m about to miss my flight. However, with time I’ve learned a lot from my experiences. To avoid the tears and keep your vacation stress-free, follow these tips.

Use Compression bags-I personally think these are one of the best inventions. They are especially great for bulky items like sweaters. While you do get some wrinkles, they are definitely not as bad as I expected. However, make sure that there will be a vacuum you can use wherever you are going. You might have a problem if you can’t use your compression bags again for your return.

Check the Weather-Make sure to know how cold it will get and if there are high chances of rain. This will definitely influence your packing as sweaters and rain boots can take up a lot of space.

Write a List-Limit yourself to a specific number of pants, shirts, shoes, etc. It’s a lot easier to practice self-control in packing if you think in numbers.

Keep room for Purchases-More often than not, we end up shopping during vacation trips. Whether it’s more clothes or souvenirs and gifts, make sure you are going to have a place to store your purchases on the return home.

Have an Emergency Outfit-While rare, it is, nonetheless, always possible that your luggage can get lost. In case this happens, make sure you have an extra outfit prepared. If you are travelling with someone else it is helpful to pack one outfit in the other person’s suitcase. Otherwise, pack one in a carry-on.

How do you stay organized when packing? Share your tips & tricks with us!