How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

A tiny bedroom doesn’t have to be a bummer—in fact, it offers a unique opportunity to get creative with your style! Here are a few tips to design a space that looks (and feels!) like a master suite.

  1. Store it. Since your bed takes up quite a bit of room, use the space behind it, around it and under it for storage. .
  2. Lift it. Fitting a study space into a smaller room can be a challenge. That’s where loft beds come in! They create space beneath your bed so you can design in a study space—or even a lounge.
  3. Hang it. Think of empty wall space as a blank canvas—and get creative with decor that doubles as function.
  4. Reflect it. One trick to making a small space appear larger? Hang a few mirrors! Because they reflect light, they’ll make your space look bigger.
  5. Shelve it. Keep extra school & work supplies out of the way (and off the floor) by dedicating a space just to them.
  6. Brighten it. Give your space lots of light by hanging sheer drapes instead of heavy ones that can make a room feel dark. For added privacy, layer in some blackout drapes.

Do you have a small bedroom? How do you save space? Share your ideas with us below!