How to Make the Most of Your High Ceilings

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Decorating tall rooms with high ceilings doesn’t have to be overwhelming! In fact, it can provide you with the opportunity to imagine, explore and inspire bold designs that your friends are sure to envy. Here are a few tips to design a space that looks and feels like a unique expression of modern living.

Proportion Furniture to Architecture. Use large furniture and accessorize with tall lamps and floral arrangements. Installing a dramatic lighting feature will quickly make a difference.

Draw the Eye Upwards. Find eye-catching artwork, mirrors, or shelves that accentuate the volume of the room. You can either use one large piece or multiple smaller pieces.

Embrace the Drama. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, prints, and textures. Be playful with the way you place things-even the way you arrange your books can draw attention. A room of this volume can definitely handle this kind of creativity.

How do you add charm and character to your rooms with high ceilings? Share your best decorating photos and tips with us!