How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

Fall may be approaching but don’t be too quick to put away your favorite summer dresses and shorts. Make the most of your wardrobe by using these four tricks to make your summer pieces look just as fabulous in the the fall. You don’t have to break the bank to stay in trend this season.

Layer with proportioned jackets and cardigans-This trick is pretty obvious, but it’s sure to do the job. Almost any of your summer dresses or blouses can become fall appropriate with the right layer. If you are wearing a long dress, opt for a slim-cut structured jacket. On the other hand, if you want to wear a longer cardigan or jacket, pair it with some thing a little shorter underneath. And if you want to go for the comfy slouchy layer balance it out with fitted pants.

Turn your summer dress into a fall skirt-Donning a sweater on top of your favorite floral dresses is an easy way to warm up while holding on to playful summer vibes.  It’s best to use light fitted sweaters, but you can also use a belt to add shape to a bulkier sweater. I personally love finding cropped sweaters to pull off this trick.

Add opaque tights to your shorts-This works especially well with black shorts, but if you’re really feeling adventurous try this look with fun textured or patterned shorts and a chiffon blouse. For a casual day, opaque tights with cutoff denim shorts can also be a modern DO.

Try a scoop or crew-neck long sleeve under a jumpsuit-The jumpsuit hit it big this summer but this trendy style isn’t going anywhere. Our first trick can also be applied to jumpsuits.

How are you giving your summer wardrobe some fall touches? Share your tips and tricks with us!