Important Questions to Ask on an Apartment Tour

Broadstone Waterfront - Scottsdale, AZ

Be prepared to find the right place to call home with this list of questions to ask on your next apartment tour.

  1. Are pets allowed? What are the restrictions?
  2. How old is the building? Have there been any upgrades?
  3. Do the apartments with upgrades cost more?
  4. What utilities are included in rent?
  5. What is the parking availability like? Monthly costs?
  6. What amenities do you have? What times are these spaces available to use?
  7. Do you offer any fitness classes’ onsite?
  8. What is the guest policy?
  9. Can the apartments be sublet? AirBnB?
  10. Are there resident events?
  11. Can the amenity spaces be rented out?
  12. Is the pool open year round?
  13. How is trash handled?
  14. What would it take to break the lease?
  15. Are satellite dishes allowed?
  16. What’s allowed on the patio? BBQ? Furniture?
  17. Can you paint the walls of your apartment?
  18. Can you mount a TV to the wall or hang other heavy objects?
  19. Do you have any partnerships with local businesses for discounts and specials for residents?
  20. What do they say amount the community on Yelp? Facebook? Apartment Ratings?
  21. Will a king size bed fit in the bedroom?
  22. Do you offer any concierge services for residents?
  23. What is the noise level like?
  24. What is the best part of living at this community?
  25. Is there staff that live onsite?
  26. How long do maintenance requests typically take?
  27. Do you accept package deliveries? How does this process work?
  28. When is the soonest that I can move in?

Now that you know what to ask on your next apartment tour it’s time to start touring. Find your dream home at!