Intern Interview: Nicolette Jackson

Nicolette Jackson is a rising junior at The University of Arizona majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Communications.

Last summer, she participated in the Summer Sales Associate internship, which consisted of a one-week training session at Alliance’s corporate office. She was then placed as a leasing consultant at Alliance’s San Cierra, a luxury community in Chandler, Arizona. Currently, she is interning with Alliance’s Talent Acquisition team at our corporate office in Phoenix.

What does your day-to-day look like?

During my Sales internship, I would be busy with tours, leases, meeting the needs of residents, accepting rents, planning community events and constantly selling the Alliance experience whether it was in person or on Craigslist, etc.

During my current internship, I am more focused on developing the associates rather than residents. With this in mind, I have been working on filling Alliance’s job openings through and I then help filter through their resumes to make sure they are a good fit. A lot of my time has also been spent on creating a greater LinkedIn network so that Alliance will no longer need to rely on the previously mentioned websites to find new employees in the future. Similarly, I’ve expanded the social media for Alliance’s Talent Community through Instagram and Twitter. I also contribute professional advice on the Alliance Living blog.

What has been your favorite part about working with Alliance?

Alliance has proven to be a very inclusive environment and has provided me with a lot of room to grow as a woman in business. Before starting my internship, I was worried that I would be stuck filing papers and getting people coffee. However, on the contrary, Alliance has welcomed me into their action-filled environment with open arms. There has not been a single day that has felt mundane.

What have you taken from this experience professionally? How do you think this internship will benefit your studies?

My experience at Alliance has honed my communication and leadership skills while helping me build a stronger business network. Ultimately, my internship motivated me to run for the Vice President position for Professional Women in Business Associations at my university. Before my internship with Alliance, I had no exact plans for my future other than the fact that I wanted to work in Business. However, this experience has helped me realize that my interests are in tune with helping people. I now hope to someday have my own business consulting firm. I am really grateful that Alliance allowed me to get my foot in the door at such an early age. I think that for any college student, the earlier you get experience the better.

Want to find out more about what Nicolette is doing at Alliance? Follow her on twitter at @Alliance_Career