Last Minute Costumes for Halloween 2015

We’ve all been there. You say you’re not going to dress up this year and all you want to do is pass out candy and watch the movie Halloween for the tenth time. But at the last minute you get invited to a costume party that sounds really fun. Well by the time you head over to the store after work, all that’s left are Gumby and a Minnie Mouse costume that’s two sizes too big. So here are some do-it-yourself costume ideas that are quick to pull off and  bound to get you points for humor and originality.


Concept: Elsa Mars from AHS Freak Show

Are you obsessed with becoming a star and managing a freak show? Well here’s your chance to practice the part.

Costume needs: Curled blonde hair, blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, baby blue blazer and pants, tie


Concept: Alex from Orange is the New Black

Contrary to it’s title, most of the inmates wear beige uniforms. Can you pull off the prison look as well as Laura Prepon?

Costume needs: White long sleeve thermal, tan scrubs, glasses, name badge, and eyeliner


Concept: Cookie Lyon from Empire

None of us have drama like the ex-wife of Lucious Lyon, but we can pretend right?

Costume needs: skin tight cheetah dress, faux fur, high heels, lots of gold jewelry, bright pink lipstick


Concept: Minion

These cuties never fail to bring a smile. If you’re silly and playful this is the right costume for you.

Costume needs: yellow long sleeve shirt, yellow leggings, blue overalls, black gloves, black sneakers, yellow beanie, goggles, black pipe cleaners for hair


Concept: Mary Poppins

This wise and stern nanny is a timeless beauty. Can you capture her charm and elegance?

Costume needs: black skirt and leggings, black booties or heels, white long sleeve collared shirt, red bowtie, black boater hat with flowers, umbrella, carpet bag


Concept: Marty McFly

The Back to the Future II star traveled to October 2015 with the epic style of 1985. See if you can pull off his retro look.

Costume needs: jeans, denim jacket, orange or red vest, plaid shirt, white nikes


What’s your DIY costume this year? Tell us all about it!