Last Minute Valentine Gifts

February 14th is fast approaching and if you haven’t gotten anything prepared you may be thinking that it would be the appropriate time to panic. The gift aisle at the grocery store is starting to dry up, there’s no reservations left at the upscale restaurants, and you still don’t know what gift to buy. The most important thing to remember is that gifts don’t need to be expensive or fancy; they just need to be from the heart and show that you care. With that in mind, let’s look at five last minute ideas for your special someone.


Fresh flowers – It may seem cliché, but a simple, colorful bouquet of flowers will send your valentine the message that you care about them. Pair it with a note about how much they mean to you, and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful gift from the heart. Check out local grocery stores or farmer’s markets to find flowers without breaking the bank.


Love coupons – If you’re pressed for time and money, going the homemade route may be your only option. But when done with care and thoughtfulness, a homemade gift can turn out better than any you can find in a store. Write your partner a coupon book good for date nights, back massages, or more sensual moments. If you take your time and make it look nice you’ll impress your valentine for sure.


Make a playlist – Take a trip in the wayback machine and make your significant other a playlist of “your” songs. If you’ve known each other for a long time, include popular songs from your formative years or songs from a concert you went to together. If you’re married, put your first wedding song on the list. To add a finishing touch, make a track listing on the case just like a real CD.


Cook a meal – Did your procrastination lead to you missing out on getting a reservation at your favorite spot? Don’t worry, a nice home cooked meal is a more loving gesture anyway. Cook your valentine’s favorite meal or one that you know they’ve been craving. This will show that you care enough to know what they love, and the effort put into cooking it will not go unnoticed. Just make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with, or you might end up having Valentine’s Day peanut butter and jelly.


Make a scrapbook – This may seem like a challenging endeavor for those who are not the scrapbooking types, but there are websites and photo kiosks that make it a breeze. Search online or find a local drugstore and there will be a service that will take all those pictures of you and your valentine from your phone and put them into a thoughtful books. Pick the layout, add a couple captions, and you’ll have a gift that will highlight all the memories you two have together.


We gave you our procrastination-proof Valentine’s Day ideas, now we want to know yours. Put your favorite last-minute gift ideas in the comments below!