Most clever gifts for your SO this season

Finding the perfect gift for your other half can be challenging. The pressure is on to give them something they’ll love, appreciate, and put to good use. And while they might say, “Oh you don’t need to get me anything”, “socks are fine”, or “a gift card is good”, you know they’d like to be surprised with something that makes them laugh, smile, and earns you brownie points. We’ve put together a list of some gifts that will guarantee a few chuckles but are also designed for practicality.



Surprise your SO with a cleverly designed 5oz flask with a built in bottle opener. Perfect for those family reunions, a night with friends, or a day at the ballpark.

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Magisso Tea Cup

The tea lover in your life will appreciate the practicality of this cup that doubles as a strainer for loose tea loves.

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Mobile Alarm Clock

Does your SO need a little help waking up in the morning? This unique alarm clock allows you one snooze before speeding away, forcing your SO to get out of bed and chase it to turn it off.

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Man crate

Forget about gift baskets. Give your SO a crate full of everything he loves – be it beer, bacon, or retro video games – the themes offered on this site are endless.

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Solar Powered Watch

If your SO appreciates sustainable and smartly designed products, get them this watch that relies on only the sun – to give it power.

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Beer Cap Map

Does your SO love trying new beers? Well what if all those bottle caps could be put to good use and serve as wall decor? Give your SO a wooden map of the USA or his/her home state that’s been lasered with holes waiting to be filled by beer caps.

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Spa Gift Set

This thoughtful gift reminds your SO that you love and cherish their hard work, but it’s time they sit back and relax with some soothing soaps and healing salves.

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Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This is the perfect item for the SO that loves to sing as loudly as possible in the shower or hear some soothing tunes while they take a bath.

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What are your presenting your SO with this holiday season? Share your ideas with us in the comment section!