New Puppy Tips & Tricks

Besides seeing the beautiful shots of our friends backpacking through Europe, getting married in rustic themed barns, or cradling their newborns in the hospital bed – the best photos you’ll ever come across on social media have to be puppies. The more fluffy, chubby, or derpy a little pooch is, the more “likes” it guarantees. Social media has spoken and dog babies, are the best babies. So if puppy fever hasn’t hit you yet – know that it’s coming – and here’s what to do when it does.


A big investment

Getting a dog is a huge commitment. They need your time, energy, and lots of love. And if you aren’t sure you can dedicate that many resources to Spot, it may not be the right time to bring one into your life. But, if you feel confident that you have a roomy place for them, can give them enough attention, and walk them in the park – you’re probably ready.


Choosing the one

Picking out the right pup for you is no simple task and requires a bit of research and reflection. Look up some breeds you’re interested in and nail down if they would be a good fit for your lifestyle. Perhaps your pace would suit that of a labrador’s or is more in line with that of a maltese poodle. Once you’ve decided upon a breed, you can start checking for them at your local shelter or searching for adoption pages on Facebook.


Puppy proof

Welcoming a brand new puppy into the home may require an exercise similar to baby proofing. Like small children, puppies are clumsy and fussy. They can become irritated or anxious and start chewing on furniture, clothes, and shoes. Make sure you’ve kept your favorite items out of his or her reach and removed any potentially dangerous furnishings or foods. Create a home that any pup would feel loved and safe in.


Treats, toys, and training

Before bringing your fur ball home, educate yourself on a few things like puppy behavior, how to train them efficiently, and what kinds of food, treats and toys benefit your breed the most. A chihuahua’s needs are extremely different than that of a German Shepherd’s. It’s important to know as much as possible about the type of dog you plan on providing a life for before committing yourself to them.


If you feel like you’re ready for a new addition, we want to hear all about it! Tell us your favorite breeds to recommend and why in the comment section.