Organizing Your Space

Apartment living can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding storage space. Believe it or not, it is possible to live in a tiny place without succumbing to clutter overload! Here are some great tips on how to maximize the storage in your apartment home:

  • Use storage containers.
    • Under-the-bed storage containers are great for storing flat items that you don’t use regularly. Bonus: Storing things under the bed won’t take up your precious closet space!
    • Gallon-size totes: Great for storing pens, markers, craft items, tools, etc. They stack well and are light enough to store on top of a shelf or closet.
  • Re-think dead space.
    • Hang your kitchen gadgets on the inside of cupboard doors! Command™ Hooks are perfect for this task. They come in different sizes, can easily be moved and don’t leave sticky residue.
    • Use double-decker organizers to create twice the storage space in your apartment’s kitchen drawers.
    • Make your coffee table a filing cabinet. See instructions from Martha Stewart’s Mini Office in a Chest.
    • Hang a tension rod underneath your kitchen or bathroom sink. Hook cleaners and spray bottles on the rod to get them off the cupboard floor.
  • Add bookshelves to empty closet space. Bookshelves make perfect vessels for storing shoes. The shelves can be adjusted to fit your boots, high heels or flats and you won’t have to put holes in the wall. Or, try these other closet organization tips.

Talk to your leasing staff about additional storage solutions in your community or find Alliance communities with extra storage available!

How do you use your space wisely? Share your best storage tips and tricks with us!