Staycation Living

As nice as it would be to jet set to an island in the Caribbean, sometimes our commitments, health concerns, or reservations about travel don’t allow us that option. So what do you do when your brain really needs to unplug from work and your body requires some much needed rest? How about a staycation? It can involve everything you’d want out of a traditional vacation, minus the pricey plane tickets. Take a look at our tips for making the most out of an at-home-vacation.


Allocate time and budget

The first step is requesting time off work. Choose a week where you think you’ll have the least to worry about and won’t be tempted to constantly check in or work from home. Once that’s approved, block off your calendar. No doctor’s appointments, or oil changes, or errands that could take away from this experience. Next, create a budget. Keep in mind that you’re allowed to splurge a bit since you’ll be saving on the travel costs you’d typically spend for a traditional vacation.


Home is a hotel

The week of your staycation shouldn’t require you to work, cook, or clean. Your home should feel like a 5-star hotel and allow you to relax without worry. You can plan for this by deep cleaning and finishing all chores ahead of time. If you’re worried about laundry or dishes piling up, treat yourself to a cleaning service (you’ll be glad you did). As far as cooking goes, it would be great if you could eat out for the majority of your staycation.  But if diet restrictions or budgeting do not allow for this, try prepping and freezing your meals in advance to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen during your actual staycation. Don’t forget to take advantage of community living if you want to have an #AllianceUltimateChill staycation.


Room for activities

This should feel like an actual vacation and not just a regular weekend hanging around the house. This distinction can be made by creating an itinerary and filling it with the activities you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t gotten around to. This can include a massage at the spa, hitting the golf course, making homemade margaritas – you get the picture. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, check out Groupon for inspiration and savings opportunities. Also, be sure to pencil in some time where you can just relax with a book or lounge by the pool. This is your break from the world, so spend it in a way that benefits you the most.


No phones or laptops

To make your staycation work, you have to be committed. Or at least set boundaries for when you will check your email, calls, and messages. This break is to help you unwind and destress, if you’re constantly on your phone and laptop, it won’t do you very much good. Give yourself permission to have a good time and take it easy. You deserve it. So let the fun begin!

How will you be spending your staycation? We want to hear all about it, share in the comments