Tax Return Makeover

Broadstone Corsair - San Diego, CA

So, you filed your taxes, got your return, and feel like you won the lottery. What will you do with all that refund? You could pay off some of your student debt, eat like a king for weeks, or take a mini vacation with your bae, but another option is to spruce up your apartment (and your life). Here’s some inspiration for how to spend that and give your apartment a tax-money makeover that require minimal effort and money.

Price: Under $200

Buy a plant. In fact, buy five. Not only will you be bringing life into your apartment, having plants in or near your space has been prove to amp up your productivity. Imagine a few floor plants to greet you when you walk in, some hanging plants in your room, and a window box with a few herbs in it for your kitchen.

Price: $300

Add a rug. Maybe two. Rugs are great accessories to ground a room, bring together a design, reduce, echo, and keep your downstairs neighbors from hearing every step. Stop by a Homegoods store for old discounted merchandise from a variety of sources with a constantly changing inventory. You may just score a $1600 Calvin Klein rug for $199. You can also find well-made, beautiful, and cozy rugs at a reasonable price here, here, and here.

Price: $500

You could really stretch $500 a long way if you think small. For example, you could paint an accent wall. Something bright will create a focal point for the room, with minimal effort. Chalkboard paint is a good interactive option…after a few beers your guests are sure to grab some chalk and write something funny. It’s better than writing on the walls with permanent marker like we did in college. You could also switch out your curtains. If you’re bored of looking at those blinds, maybe it’s time to add some color some texture via curtains. Another option is to take to Pinterest to learn how to build DIY shelves. If you’re not the handy-type, you can buy shelves at a fairly reasonable price from Target or Amazon!

Price: $1000

The average person will sleep 229,961 hours in their lifetime – that’s about one-third of your life. With all the time spent horizontal, you might as well be comfortable. So, with that nice chunk of change, invest in a new mattress and bed sheets. Your back won’t regret it.

Price: Over $2000

With a tax return like this, you could do some serious upgrades to your furniture. Wayfair has a vast selection of sectionals, sofas, and loveseats to choose from that won’t break the bank. To really bring the design together, you could pick up a few side tables and complementary wall decor.


Those are some of the our suggestions, now we want to hear yours. Share your favorite tax-money makeover tips in the comments.