The 8 Best Coffee Table Books for Your Apartment

The book you choose to have on your coffee it table is not just a book; it’s an item that represents you, your style, interests, and fascinations. It also invites others to judge you based on said things. But not to worry, rather than scatter your table with the nonsense of every two-bit magazine on the planet, try one of 8 these books that will captivate, inspire, humor, or evoke. And none of them will ever go out of style.


Every Person in New York

There are nearly X people currently inhabiting New York City, and Jason Polan has drawn approximately 36,000 of them. Impressive to say the least, Every Person in New York is an entertaining book to graze. It might further fuel your passion to pack up and move to New York or solidify your desire to stay far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Either way, you’ll get a kick out of flipping through each drawing. Plus, Kristen Wiig wrote the foreword. And everything Kristin Wiig touches sparkles in gold – right?


Atlas of the World, 23rd Edition


Uncover the crisp, clear cartography of urban areas and virtually uninhabited landscapes around the blog and discover a wealth of world statistics with The World Atlas, updated annually. From satellite images of earth to maps of cities and regions, you could spend hours marveling over Earth’s surfaces and hours more talking about it with guests.


On Yoga, The Architecture of Peace

Photographer Michael O’Neill devoted himself to experience and record today’s world of yoga. From bathing with holy men in the Ganges to joining the chorus of a thousand voice chanting ‘OM’, he captured the history, beauty, and transformative power of this age-old discipline. In a book of photographs, we unite him on his worldwide journey through the photos of this physical, spiritual, and mindful practice.


Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia


Current culture has a fascination with the iconic culture of the 1960s and early 1970s. Hippie Modernism examines the art, architecture and design of the counterculture of this era with a catalogue the surveys the radical experiments that challenged societal norms while proposing new kinds of technological, ecological and political utopia. You think you know this era because you listen to Led Zeppelin and once wore bell bottom jeans? Think again.


Art and Fashion: Collaborations and Connections Between Icons


Art + Fashion celebrates the exciting, elegant, and creative partnerships between icons over multiple eras. Get an inside look of men and women’s fashion in a wide-range of mediums with a collection of 25 collaborative projects between luminaries that reveal astonishing – and unpredictable – work.


Marilyn: In the Flash

Married three times and followed relentlessly by press, reporters, fans, Marilyn Monroe is a cultural Icon that captivated a room without even speaking. Here, all in one place, you’ll find a stunning collection of hundreds of rare and unseen photographs, behind-the-scene notes, and interviews chronicling the media’s lifelong love affair with Marilyn. A perfect gift for the Marilyn-fan in your life, and a great little piece of history to add to any coffee table.


Enchanted Forest: Adult Coloring Book


Okay, so it’s not technically a book but an adult coloring book. But what better to engage your guests and inspire creativity than with a little coloring? Keep this coloring book and a mason jar full of coloring pencils and make sure each guest adds some of their own personal style to a page before they leave. They get a chance to spark a little creativity, while you get a lasting memory. Win-win.


A book of blank pages


This isn’t the title of a book. In fact, it’s just what it says – a book of blank pages. Similar to the adult coloring book above, a book of blank pages invites guests to make up their own stories, poems, notes, or drawings to share with you. Then, with all the pages are filled, it makes an interesting center piece for guests to flip through or for you to reminisce.