The Ultimate Tailgating Experience

Tailgating before the game is a great way to hang out with friends and family as you wait for kickoff. With some good food, refreshing drinks, and light entertainment you’ll be able to pull of the ultimate tailgating experience for the football lovers in your life. Here are some helpful tips and reminders about tailgating.

The setup

First things first. Once you’ve secured a primo parking spot, make sure you’re setting up properly with all the necessary equipment. You’ll need a canopy, folding chairs, tables, tablecloths, speakers, portable grill, cooler, and plenty of games like cornhole, football, washers, and playing cards.

Bonus Tip: If you park next to a friend, you can double your tailgate space.

The grub

Let’s not forget about the most important thing: the food. A tailgate isn’t complete without the right spread. You’ll want to have a main entree (burgers, hot dogs, ribs), buns, condiments, chips, sweets, water, soda, beer, and lots and lots of ice. If your parking lot doesn’t allow grilling, try preparing some of these tailgate recipes from Chungah’s “Damn Delicious” blog:

Bonus Tip: Avoid traffic by having a post-game hangout with any leftover food and drinks.

The details

A lot goes into preparing for a tailgate and it’s easy to forget something. So here are the necessities you’ll need to bring with you: lighter, propane gas or charcoal, grilling utensils, plates, napkins, eating utensils, cups, bottle opener, garbage bags, aluminum foil, containers for leftovers.

Bonus Tip: If you plan to be a regular tailgater, keep all your essentials in one place to avoid tearing apart your house for the bottle opener.

The extras

Like the boy scouts like to say, be prepared. You can check the weather the day of, but it doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared. Try to bring sunscreen, blankets, and an umbrella just in case the weather takes a turn.

Bonus Tip: Fall weather can be unpredictable. Dressing in layers will keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature has in store.
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