This Is My Office: Warren Jones

Warren Jones - Graphic Designer

“My favorite part of working at Alliance is that I’m fortunate enough to draw, paint, color, and design all day long. My manager is constantly pushing my creativity and I get a sense of pride knowing my work is seen throughout the country. Alliance is a fun and energetic place to work, that allows me to balance challenging opportunities with fun out of the box projects”. – Warren Jones

Song lyric that guides your day – My music tastes are as eclectic as my taste in fashion and design. I keep my entire iTunes Library on shuffle all. Jazz, Hip-hop, Punk, Pop, Opera, Classical, Alternative…it all guides me. Life is a journey and it warrants the ability to dream and discover something new about yourself, or your world every day. I think music is a big part of helping people discover life outside the bubble they put themselves in. So a lyric that guides my day is: “I’ve never been so lost. I’ve never felt so much at home. Please write my folks and throw away my keys.” – Something Corporate

What inspires you? There are so many places to draw inspiration from. The world is filled with creativity when you really stop to look at things. The details are what get me excited. Whatever it is I’m buying, someone took time to make choices like font, color, placement, matte or glossy paper…thousands of seemingly unimportant choices have now been constructed into a final product. The interior of a car is where I notice these choices the most, and on several occasions I’ve fallen in love with the exterior of a car, then 10 seconds after sitting in it, decided I won’t be purchasing it. So when someone really gets it right, I appreciate all of the time and effort it took to arrive at that point.

If I weren’t working at Alliance I would be running my own design company. I would design sneakers, clothing, brochures, flyers, packaging, and a whole lot more.

Your superpower – My superpower would probably be my ability to make anyone laugh. I have always been that guy to do a cartwheel down the cereal aisle, and fall flat on my face, if it gets a laugh.

If you were any Alliance property which one would you be and why? My personal style feels a lot like Broadstone Candara at Hancock Park. A little eclectic and weird, with mismatched colors and patters, but somehow I make it work for me. Being unique and true to myself is a big thing for me.

Dream vacation – Warm weather, great food, and my sweet.

Favorite part of your job – My favorite part of the job is being creative. I have always been a creative person, wether it be writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, designing, playing piano, or building things from scratch.  So many people go to work and do things that are mundane, repetitive, and tedious, all while daydreaming of doing something creative, so I am very thankful I am able to spend my day making things and being creative.

How many pairs of shoes? I have over 100 pairs of shoes currently and I have shoes that are over 15 years old. I started collecting them as a kid because of my father. He hated when I walked around in dirty, beat up sneakers, so he would always buy me a new pair. I feel that your shoes are the perfect way to express your personality, creativity, and style. To me sneakers are works of art, style, and design you get to wear on your feet.

How did you get here (career at Alliance), what attracted you, what makes you stay? – I came from a small organization of about 14 people, and I was looking for a position that would challenge my thinking, and my creative abilities. I found Alliance and knew it was an organization I wanted to be a part of. I love working with properties all over the country and helping them achieve their goals. I stay because the people I work with have skills I don’t have. I enjoy learning new things from them, and teaching them things from my skill set. At Alliance I feel like I am an important part of a bigger team that achieves some pretty spectacular things.

Favorite Alliance experience – My first few days in the office came in the middle of December, and the office was filled from wall to wall with boxes, packing supplies, cookies, and holiday gifts. It looked like a cross between Santa’s workshop and an distribution center. Everyone was supposed to pitch in to help pack the boxes of holiday gifts to our properties and get them shipped out. But since I was new, and I didn’t have a desk, or a computer, I ended up spending my first week packing boxes, taping them up, and stacking them all over the office. It was a ‘welcome to the team’ I won’t ever forget.