Top 5 Cities for Starting Out

Whether you’ve just finished your degree and are ready to kickstart a career or you’re looking for a change of pace, the right move might be – well, a literal move. Paving your way in a place you’re unfamiliar with can open you up to  new opportunities for friendship, relationships, and experiences while working wonders for your self confidence and independence. Even if you choose do it solo, with a friend, or your SO – a different landscape can be beneficial for both your personal and professional growth. Check out our list of best up and coming cities for starting out on the right foot.



Median household income: $62,530

Cost of living: 7% higher than national average

Top industries: Government and public administration, healthcare, aerospace, technology

If the perfect weather, spectacular view of the Rockies, and countless outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and camping don’t appeal to you, this might: Denver ranks in the top 15 for overall quality of life in the US. Landing as number eight in cities with best career opportunities, the Mile-High City is a young, beautiful and engaging place teeming with hundreds of potential dream job positions.



Median household income for: $52,431

Cost of living: 4% higher than national average

Top industries: Technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology

One of the largest (and still growing) capitals in the US, Austin is a high tech hub that attracts thousands of engineering and computer science grads every year. A city recognized as “The Live Music Capital of the World”, this place in Texas offers famous music and film festivals, countless nightclubs and bars on 6th street, as well as opera and symphony orchestras. If music isn’t your scene, there’s always Texas Longhorn football or Formula 1 racing to watch.



Median household income: $53,365

Cost of living: 5% lower than national average

Top industries: Technology, tourism, private business

Sunshine all year round, hundreds of hiking trails, and dozens of cool lakes are just a couple of reasons the city of Phoenix is the largest capital in the US. Newly built and spacious communities, five-star resorts, world-renowned spas, and shopping malls make this desert city an ideal candidate for company headquarters. Whether you’re looking to work for a major league sports team, established healthcare system, or start-up, Phoenix takes the prize for offering transplants the whole package.



Median household income: $53,463

Cost of living: 3% lower than national average

Top industries: Tourism, healthcare, education

Known as “Music City”, Nashville makes the list for best places to live in 2016. The home of countless country stars offers long and promising careers in everything from healthcare, finance, transportation, and education. Middle Tennessee boasts a number of music festivals, entertaining nightlife, different types of cuisines, and rich history to appeal to the music lover, socialite, foodie, and civil war geek in you.



Median household income: $73,561

Cost of living: 42% higher than national average

Top industries: Clean energy, aerospace & defense

The birthplace of grunge and Nirvana, the thought of Seattle might induce images of shaggy haired teens with 90s fashion sense, the Starbucks and Amazon logos, and grey cloud covered skies. However, that’s just a tiny portion of what this West Coast city offers. The “Emerald City” is expecting growth in all of its industries from tech companies, to tourism and it’s many sustainability organizations. And with the lush green forests on one side and the Puget Sound on the other, the beauty and novelty of Seattle will leave you, well do we dare say, sleepless?


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