January 2022

An informative guide on rapid antigen tests

Rapid antigen tests are used as a screening method. It is capable of detecting the presence of particular SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19) protein markers in your body, indicating infection. As far as we are aware, they are capable of distinguishing between Delta and Omicron infections. The rapid antigen tests may be performed at home and results are available in around 15 to 30 minutes—a sample does not need to be submitted to a lab. They act best when the virus is present in large concentrations (which may or not result in symptoms).

In comparison, the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) rapid antigen tests is the “gold standard” for COVID-19 testing since it identifies genetic material from the SARS CoV-2 virus. That is the rapid antigen tests in which a technician uses a long swab to collect a sample from further inside your nasal cavity, which is subsequently evaluated in a lab. These findings will take at least 24 hours to appear. (Or, as many of us learned, five to seven business days, depending on demand and location.)

How are rapid antigen tests used?

Each brand is unique, but the procedure is very basic in general. To a tube, you add droplets of a liquid called a buffer (which is included in the package) (which also comes in the kit). Then, using the included nasal swab, insert it approximately a millimeter or two into each nostril and gently spin it, following the guidelines for how many times and where to place the swab. Following that, you place the swab in the tube holding the buffer liquid and follow the instructions for mixing the swab with the buffer liquid. 

Finally, you put a certain amount of the swab-and-buffer combination to the reader strip of the kit, which resembles a pregnancy rapid antigen tests. The final product will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. A single line indicates that the rapid antigen tests is negative. Two lines indicate a favorable result. “It’s really straightforward,” says Janine McCready, an infectious disease physician at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital. learn more about rapid anitgen test by clicking here.

Is a fast antigen test appropriate for children?

While the rapid antigen tests are now in a gray area with Health Canada and are not officially authorized for children, many schools are providing them to families and children nonetheless. “As a result of the epidemic, we’re having to conduct a lot of things in real-time,” he said. We are not awaiting large-scale confirmation across several age groups,” McCready observes. She asserts that as long as samples are correctly gathered, there is no reason to believe that a quick antigen test would not operate similarly in a kid as it would in an adult.

What is the sensitivity of rapid antigen tests?

False positives—when the rapid antigen tests indicate that you are infected with COVID-19 but you are not—are uncommon. In other words, if the fast antigen test indicates that you are positive for COVID, contact the local health unit for assistance on contacting contacts, scheduling a PCR rapid antigen tests for confirmation, and determining who in the family should remain at home.

False negatives—when the rapid antigen tests indicate that you are not infected with COVID while you are in fact infected—are increasingly prevalent. “The sensitivity range is closer to 50% to 95%,” McCready explains, which means that 5 to 50% of the time, the virus will not be found on the day of testing but will be discovered on a future day when viral levels are greater.

In an ideal world, fast antigen testing would be performed regularly, if not daily, to check for possible infection. “The likelihood of obtaining an accurate result is contingent upon the individual’s infectiousness… It depends on your stage of infection, whether you have symptoms or not, and how much virus you are releasing,” she explains. “Even if you haven’t been exposed and aren’t exhibiting symptoms, being negative on the quick antigen test does not always indicate you’re completely free of the virus since it might just be missing the virus.”

While rapid antigen tests are an excellent additional screening tool, the problem is that many individuals may accept a negative result despite symptoms or a known exposure, therefore spreading the virus unwittingly. It is advisable to do rapid antigen tests soon before meeting with somebody, preferably as near to the event or gathering as feasible.

When should a fast antigen be used?

Despite these drawbacks, McCready notes that rapid antigen tests may benefit families in a variety of ways.

If your kid exhibits COVID-19-related symptoms,

In this scenario, the rapid antigen tests provide an immediate indication of positivity: You may test immediately upon onset of symptoms, and if the result is positive, you should contact your local health unit and follow their advice for scheduling PCR rapid antigen tests and alerting prospective contacts. If it is negative, you should continue to remain at home, schedule PCR rapid antigen tests, and watch for symptoms. The benefit is that you’ll know immediately whether you’re positive, rather than having to wait days for PCR rapid antigen tests results. lean the differences between PCR and RAT at https://edition.cnn.com/2022/01/19/health/pcr-vs-antigen-tests-covid-19-wellness/index.html

If your kid has a history of COVID exposure,

When isolated at home for a certain amount of time and monitoring for symptoms, adopting a fast antigen test allows for daily or biweekly testing rather than waiting for a PCR rapid antigen tests halfway through the exposure period (often day 7 after a known exposure). However, you would still need to schedule a PCR rapid antigen tests for your kid at the suggested time to ensure that he or she is negative.

If your kid exhibits no symptoms but is entering a new group environment

Some parents, for example, are employing rapid antigen tests to approve a visit with grandparents, which McCready believes is appropriate. “If your child is going to play with a group of children they don’t usually play with, or if you’re going to visit grandparents, or if you’re going to be indoors with people at a large family gathering, it would add an additional layer of safety for everyone attending to do a rapid antigen test,” she says. “Once again, it is not infallible. You’re still monitoring for symptoms, attempting to go outside, using masks if you’re unable to isolate yourself, and all of those positive things. However, if you’re going to engage in those activities anyhow, the testing provides an additional layer of safety.”

As a component of an ongoing monitoring effort

Although most of Canada is not yet there (although some schools in Montreal hotspots have begun utilizing quick testing to identify instances), experts think rapid tests may be very valuable as part of a monitoring program. McCready cites a program called “Test to Play” in Utah, which required public high school students to take a quick antigen test every 14 days in order to engage in extracurricular activities. When a school had an epidemic, a similar initiative called “Test to Stay” offered voluntary fast testing; if children selected for the test and tested negative, they may remain in school. As a consequence, over 100,000 days of in-person training were saved, and 95% of sporting events proceeded as scheduled. Between November 30, 2020, and March 20, 2021, approximately 60,000 pupils were tested, and 1,886 (3.2 percent) were found to be positive.

Rapid antigen tests for business owners

Rapid antigen tests are quick and straightforward tests that can tell you whether or not someone is likely to have COVID-19 in their system.

Some tests may be performed at home or in private by you, while others must be performed under the supervision of a health expert. It is important to understand which tests are most appropriate for your company.

The advantages of quick antigen tests for business are many.

  • It is simple and safe to use. 
  • It is relatively inexpensive. 
  • It provides results in minutes.
  • Frequent rapid antigen tests (2-3 times a week) may detect COVID-19 infections in patients who do not show any symptoms, allowing for the prevention of transmission and big outbreaks by identifying infections early.
  • Reduce the length of time you or your workers are required to be away from your organization for precautionary standard (PCR) rapid antigen tests
  • Increase employee trust in returning to in-person work after being absent for PCR rapid antigen tests.

The accuracy of rapid antigen tests is important.

Rapid antigen tests will identify the vast majority of cases of COVID-19, but they are not as accurate as of the standard (PCR) test in detecting the virus.

Rapid antigen tests are more reliable when performed by someone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 – external site – external site – external site or when performed on a regular basis, such as twice a week for example.

If you get a positive result from a quick antigen test for COVID-19, you should follow the health recommendations for your state or territory.

Rapid antigen tests for business owners

COVID-19 rapid antigen tests are available in many varieties.

Rapid antigen tests are classified into two categories: point-of-care (POC) assays and in-vitro rapid antigen tests.

Requirements for each state and territory

In accordance with their public health regulations, various states and territories may have varied instructions for testing and reporting positive findings.

Follow the most recent information about quick antigen tests in your state or territory to stay on top of things.

Rapid antigen tests and the future of your company

Employees that take COVID-19 self- rapid antigen tests at home and bring in documentation of a negative test result before entering the office are part of a growing number of organizations that have introduced rapid antigen tests systems into their company operations.

If you want to include a rapid antigen tests program into your business operations, it’s critical that you understand your legal obligations. Before you begin, you should consider the following: 

  • How you will check the findings of the rapid antigen test.
  • Which sort of test is most appropriate for your company.
  • The location where you will buy your rapid antigen tests.
  • How you intend to record, report, and keep the findings of the testing; and how you intend to dispose of the results of completed rapid antigen tests. Check the waste management regulations in your state or territory to see what duties you have and what services are available to you.

We suggest that you get counsel from a legal or business specialist in order to determine whether or not it is the best course of action for your company.

Where can I get quick antigen tests?

• Point-of-care rapid antigen tests (PoC rapid antigen tests) – Business owners may acquire Point-of-Care rapid antigen tests (PoC rapid antigen tests) by directly contacting test vendors (sponsors).

In addition to being accessible online and in pharmacies and supermarkets, self-rapid antigen tests will be offered to start on November 1. On the TGA website, you may see a list of items that have been authorized – external site – external site.


To ensure that you are protected while ordering rapid antigen tests, it is critical that you be aware of fraud and deceptive marketing practices. Here are some suggestions to assist you to avoid falling victim to testing scams:

  • Check that the company from which you are purchasing rapid antigen tests is a reputable and legitimate one that can validate the quality of the rapid antigen tests. 
  • When shopping online, look for a URL that begins with “https” and a closed padlock symbol to indicate that the information you are transmitting is secure.
  • Avoid paying in advance through a money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card, or electronic currency such as Bitcoin. • Avoid paying in advance with a credit card.
  • Pay close attention to the communication from your frequent suppliers, since fraudsters may pose as a company with whom you do business on a regular basis. Verify any requests to adjust payment arrangements by phoning them on a recognized and trusted phone number to ensure that they are legitimate.
  • Request estimates from many suppliers to assist you in determining the most competitive pricing.
  • Maintain records of the delivery of rapid antigen tests, as well as the specifications and user instructions.

Your privacy responsibilities when it comes to rapid antigen tests

A number of particular sections dealing with medical and health information are included in the Australian privacy law. If you’re thinking about doing proof of concept testing, it’s critical that you understand the legal requirements for data collecting and the appropriate use of sensitive health information.

Rapid antigen tests as a component of your COVID-19 emergency preparedness plan

Rapid antigen tests are one method of monitoring and safeguarding your company against COVID-19, but they should not be used in lieu of other measures such as hand sanitisers, masks, and social distance…

If you are considering implementing a rapid antigen tests program in your company, you should think about how it will fit into your overall COVID-19 emergency management strategy before proceeding. visit https://www.fema.gov/disaster/coronavirus/best-practices to know more about COVID planning.

If your company provides quick antigen test kits, you are in the right business.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is included.

It is necessary to add GST in the pricing of rapid antigen COVID-19 test kits if you want to sell them to customers. This is due to the fact that rapid antigen COVID-19 test kits do not qualify as a medical aid or appliance’ as defined in either Schedule 3 to the GST Act or the GST Regulations, and as a result, they are not exempt from GST.


Price-setting authority is retained by businesses when it comes to their goods or services. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and your local state or territory agency have no involvement in determining pricing.

The Australian Consumer Law, on the other hand, protects consumers against firms engaging in unconscionable behavior – external site – external site. This implies that you should avoid taking advantage of clients, particularly if your product or service is vital to public health or safety, such as quick antigen tests kits.

In spite of the fact that there is no specific legal definition for unconscionable behavior, you should always make sure that your actions are not so severe that they are in conflict with your morals.

Best 8 Reasons to Choose LASIK Surgery for Your Eye Correction Needs

Best 8 Reasons to Choose LASIK Surgery for Your Eye Correction Needs

If you are still contemplating whether to go for LASIK eye surgery or visit an ophthalmologist to get prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses, this article is for you. 

Though LASIK eye surgery is becoming more acceptable as day breaks, some people still consider eyeglasses and contact lenses as preferred solutions to their vision issues. Of course, eyeglasses and contact lenses are effective in correcting vision issues. However, you cant compare them to what LASIK has to offer. 

LASIK is not just famous for nothing. Eye patients have discovered how much beneficial it can be for their vision. In case you are still doubting, I have compiled ten out of the fantastic benefits that come with the LASIK procedure. I am sure you will know better after reading through this article. 

So, what are the reason you need to choose the LASIK procedure for your eye correction needs? Let’s take them one after =the other.

1. Convenience 

If you have been wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, you would have experienced some frustrations at one point or the other. Eyeglasses and contact lenses make people feel uncomfortable and prevent them from participating in their daily hobbies.

Imagine wearing eyeglasses when doing morning jogging or performing some daily exercises. That’s a whole lot of stress. Some people find it challenging to sleep because they put on eyeglasses or contact lenses. 

With LASIK, you don’t have to stress yourself before seeing clearly. You only have to undergo surgery once and for all, then start to enjoy a perfect vision for a lifetime.

2. Cost

Though it is easier to think glasses and contacts are cheaper vision correction options, LASIK is far more cost-effective than them. 

Let me tell you what I mean. Initially, LASIK costs more money compared to glasses and contacts. At least, a LASIK procedure costs $2,100, which is way higher than the price you will get for eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, if you calculate the ongoing expenses you will incur while changing or updating your glasses or contact lenses, you agree that LASIK is cheaper. 

You will have to undergo the LASIK procedure once and for all without further expenses. But your glasses night get damaged, broken, stolen, or even need updates. All that will cost you the same initial amount you paid to buy the previous one. Calculate that in 20 years and tell yourself how much it is.

3. Comfort

Contact lenses exacerbate dryness, making you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. You will discover that much of your stress is not from your daily activities; you get to accrue stress because of your eyewear. Have you ever imagined what could happen when your contact lens tears? Yes. It breaks. And, when it does, you will have to bear the pain throughout the day.

Whereas, LASIK procedure will eliminate all your discomfort and give you a perfect sight with maximum comfort. 

4. Health 

Going for the LASIK procedure is healthier than wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Contact lenses will decrease the amount of oxygen available in your cornea. That is why you see the cornea of people with contact lenses swelling and starting to grow unhealthy blood vessels. Contact lenses also put you at the risk of developing eye infections which invariably become a problem later in old age. LASIK eye surgery eliminates all your eye infections and makes you see clearly without complications. It allows your eyes to retain the right amount of oxygen needed for sharp vision. If you go for LASIK surgery, you wouldn’t need to wear contact lenses. 

5. Career 

Some careers will not allow you to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Imagine being a sportsmanlike a footballer, boxer, or sprinter. You wouldn’t find it comfortable wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses while facing your opponents in a serious match. 

Aside from sports, many other careers will not allow you to wear eyewear. For instance, wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses would be dangerous if you are a policeman or firefighter. chefs shouldn’t wear contact lenses as it may pose so many challenges to their performance in the kitchen 

6. Free Lifestyle 

This fact is perhaps the number one reason most people consider LASIK surgery. Nothing feels good, like knowing that you are free to do anything you want. People with eyeglasses and contact lenses would have to consider their conveniences before engaging in certain daily routines.  Your eyeglass will dictate how you walk, where you go, what you do, where and how you sleep, and many more. 

Whereas, after you have done a LAIK surgery, there’s no limit to what you can do in any place at any time. After LASIK, you can spend as much time as you can in a swimming pool, take your daily exercise accurately, have a sound sleep without the need to adjust to one side. 

7. Traveling 

Do you know that your contact lens can dry out before you get to another location? If you are going on a long journey, you might have to keep as many contact lenses as possible very close to you. You wouldn’t want to get to another country and start having blurry vision. Contact lenses can make your vacation a boring one. At some point, you may begin to feel uncomfortable while others are catching fun to the fullest.

8. A perfect solution for astigmatism 

LASIK procedure remains your best option for correcting astigmatism problems in your eyes. If you wear contact lenses and eyeglasses for up to 50 years, they can only make you see better. You might not have the perfect vision you desire. Once you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, think of LASIK eye surgery.

Final Words 

LASIK eye surgery is one of the safest vision correction options available in the present medical world. If you have been wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses for many years, you might never have the perfect vision you desire until you try LASIK surgery. You can read about 7 Things That Qualifies You for LASIK Eye Surgery by clicking here.

How to pick the greatest statement tapware for your bathroom transformation

How to pick the greatest statement tapware for your bathroom transformation

Whether you’re looking for a small upgrade or are embarking on a major makeover, statement tapware is your secret weapon for creating a stunning bathroom. Often overlooked by more expensive items like vanities and bathtubs, tapware is recovering its proper position in the spotlight and making a big contribution to the aesthetic and feel of a bathroom.

Despite their little size, exceptional tapware makes a visual statement. Additionally, it is a cost-effective way to infuse even the most basic of bathrooms with a high-end atmosphere. With manufacturers like Mico Bathrooms providing an abundance of options, we’ve developed a list of the Four S’s of tapware design to aid you in picking the best one for your home: Style, shape, radiance, and depth.


Contemporary, minimalist, rustic, or historical design options abound for tapware. Begin by deciding how you want to feel in your bathroom; this will impact your faucet options. Are you searching for something trendy and elegant that will blend seamlessly into your new modern bathroom? Alternatively, would you want to make a bold statement?

If you want to create a spa-like ambiance in your house, a waterfall faucet such as the Phoenix Nara is excellent. Gold or brushed brass tapware is completely fashionable, and when matched with streaky marble and one or two lush indoor plants, these taps are an elegant way to bring a bit of glam to your space without going overboard. Take inspiration from our gallery of real-world homes below and learn where to purchase the style.


It is important to consider both form and function when purchasing tapware. While you want your fixtures to be visually appealing, they must also be user-friendly. In a high-traffic area such as a toilet, ergonomics are crucial. Consider the makeup of your family – monobloc faucets with a single leaver are easy to use with one hand, which is great if you have little children.

Consider the style of your bathroom when determining the shape of your tapware. Consider if you want a monobloc fixture with mixer taps or a vintage-style fixture with distinct hot and cold spots. If your bathroom looks to be dominated by squares and harsh edges, such as vanities and tiles, focus your search on curved tapware to help soften the area. Consider the Adesso and Phoenix collections from Mico Bathrooms. They provide incredible designs that do not compromise on aesthetics for practicality.


Matte or gleaming? Do they have a brushed or a polished finish? The gleam of your tapware may contribute to the cohesiveness of your bathroom décor. Chrome fixtures maintain a sophisticated style, while brushed brass lights amp up the drama. If your bathroom has a clinical vibe, statement tapware is a simple way to add warmth and texture. Contrary to common opinion, there is no need to avoid combining matte and glossy surfaces. For a subtle textural lift, we enjoy the combination of glossy tiles with matte faucets.

Among our top style palette selections are the following:

  • Sleek and understated chrome faucets in subtle tones of grey, white, and wood
  • Old-world glitz 
  • Gold faucets and streaked grey marble tiles
  • Contemporary opulence
  • Audacious Drama
  • Matte black faucets in an all-white room 
  • Brushed bronze faucets with black tiles


Size is essential when it comes to tapware. Making the wrong option may have a detrimental effect on the flow and functionality of your bathroom, which is why it is vital to have the relevant dimensions on hand when shopping. Take into account the size of your vanity, the height and width of your sink, and the length of any prospective faucets’ spouts.

If you have a small bathroom, wall-mounted faucets allow you to optimize the amount of available bench space. Long, goosenecks mixers are fashionable and a daring choice if you have greater creative flexibility. If you’re keeping the same vanity, have the base measurement of your present tap on hand – you don’t want wide gaps at the base of your new tapware.

The bathroom requires a range of tapware goods, which may vary in appearance according to the design of the space. In a bathroom, the most often used tapware is basin tapware, followed by shower tapware and bath tapware, all of which come in a range of shapes and styles.

When purchasing bathroom tapware, it is vital to match each item or get them all from the same line to provide a uniform look. If the tapware on your basin is matte black, the tapware on your shower, and so on, should be as well.

Vanity and basin faucets — Similar to the kitchen faucet, vanities and basins include wall-mounted and top-mounted taps.

Due to the increased bench space provided by wall-mounted basin taps, they are gaining popularity and are becoming a stylish alternative for bathroom vanities. They are available in three-piece conventional faucet sets or wall mixer sets. Check out for The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cleanliness.

Top-mounted basin faucets are popular due to their increased choices. Mixers, three-piece faucet sets, and pillar faucets come in a variety of designs. Whichever is ideal for your bathroom is decided by the vanity top or basin you choose — one or three holes.

Shower tapware – Shower tapware is available in a variety of forms and sizes and provides the broadest assortment of any kind of tapware. Available are shower mixers, shower sets, showerheads, shower arms, and shower rails. There are also double showers, shower seats, and hand showers available. Your choice is entirely subjective. However, the functionality should be considered.

Shower rails, twin showers, and hand showers are the most popular shower tapware alternatives. Each of them is designed in such a way that the water’s level, location, or direction may be modified to a more comfortable position. You can read about A Crash Course in Bathroom Faucet Finishes by visiting https://www.houzz.com/magazine/a-crash-course-in-bathroom-faucet-finishes-stsetivw-vs~17686959

Tapware for the bathroom – Tapware for the bathroom is also available in a range of designs and patterns. The optimal choice is mainly depending on the kind of bath you choose. Do you have a bathtub/shower combination, a freestanding tub, a back-to-the-wall tub, or a typical insert tub? Can a tap be mounted on the wall or on the top?

Combination bath/shower systems work best when combined with a single shower rail or a shower mixer fitted with a diverter to route water to the separate bath mixer/tap set. Additionally, taps mounted on the wall or on the top are appropriate.

Freestanding bath – When it comes to faucets, freestanding bathtubs provide an element of style. If the bath is not against a wall, the best alternative is a standalone floor-mounted bath mixer. If the bath is close to a wall, consider a wall-mounted bath mixer or a bath set.

Back-to-the-wall bathtubs — Back-to-the-wall bathtubs are suitable for mounting bath tapware such as bath mixers and bath sets on the wall.

Incorporate a bath in the conventional method – Traditional inset bathrooms are an excellent match for both wall-mounted and top-mounted faucets. The proper selection is determined by whether or not the bath has tap holes. If not, a wall-mounted faucet is nearly always a better option. Click here to read about How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel.

Best Three Alternatives to LASIK Eye Surgery

Best Three Alternatives to LASIK Eye Surgery

For many years now in the medical world, LASIK eye surgery has been the most commonly performed refractive surgery for patients with different eye infections. Even if you are not in the medical line, you would have heard the name ‘LASIK’ either while talking with friends, reading a book, or surfing the internet.  

Of course, there are several reasons behind the long-lasting LASIK’s popularity. I mean, the name does not just pop up on the lips of ophthalmologists for nothing. If we look into why so many medical practitioners recommend LASIK as the first refractive eye surgery option, that will be another article entirely. But then, I deem it necessary that we take a snap look at some of the reasons people think of LASIK first before the other options available.

A few reasons patients and medical practitioners recommend LASIK

First, LASIK is safe. Patients can be sure that nothing would be wrong in the process of correcting the refractive errors in hoe eyes during LASIK. Secondly, LASIK restores the patient’s perfect vision within the first 24 hours and then completes the vision a few days later. The LASIK procedure is one of the fastest among other refractive surgery options. If you are working with an expert, you will be done within 20-30 minutes.

Having read the above reasons, you will agree that LASIK is not just topping the list for fun. While LASIK has been a reliable, painless vision correction option since its approval in 1999, few patients want to undergo the procedure. Why? Well, there are a few reasons to back it up.

Many people claim that they find the LASIK procedure too invasive based on research with questionnaires. They seem not to be comfortable that the surgeon would have to create a flap in their corneal and reshape it. Of course, the LASIK procedures seem not painless, yet some patients would prefer to go for a similar refractive system that doesn’t require removing and reshaping the corneal. 

On the other hand, some would have preferred LASIK, but they are not qualified because their corneal is either too thin or weak. Some are victims of dry eye, large pupils, and several other complications, making LASIK unsuitable. 

Now that you are not willing or qualified to be enrolled for LASIK eye surgery, what next? Are you going to settle for eyeglasses or contact lenses? No! instead, you should opt for other alternatives to LASIK. These alternatives to LASIK are as much efficient. They can give you a perfect vision within the first 24 hours, and you don’t have to worry about complications in the process. 

I know how much credibility LASIK has gathered over the several years, which might make you doubt the efficacies of the three alternatives I want to reveal to you later in this article. But, let me burst your bubbles; you will find these new alternatives equally effective if you attempt any of them.

The three best alternatives to LASIK eye surgery

Before we enumerate the best three LASIK alternatives, I would like to make you understand that all three eye surgery options use advanced laser vision correction technology. So, you can be sure you are making a good decision going for any of them.

1. PRK Laser Eye Surgery 

PRK is an acronym for Photorefractive Keratectomy. Most medical practitioners refer to PRK as the first generation of laser vision correction. Over the years, PRK has been a credible alternative to LASIK with the capacity to treat different kinds of eye infections. Patients with astigmatism would benefit more from this eye surgery option as it can correct the problem ideally and restore the eyes to their initial healthy condition. 

If you have a thin or weak corneal, you might not be qualified to undergo LASIK. But, you can be a good candidate for PRK. 

During the PRK procedure, your ophthalmologist will remove the topmost layer of your corneal tissue. After that, he will then reshape the cornea with an advanced excimer laser. When the whole procedure is over, you will get a clearer vision, and your corneal will naturally grow a few days again after the surgery. 

Meanwhile, the healing period of PRK tends to be longer than that of LASIK. The reason is that the cell on the outermost layer of your cornea will take some time to be restored. If you go for PRK, you might not be eligible to drive for 5-7 days, and the perfect healing takes up to 3-6 weeks. That’s quite long. Yet, you can be sure of an ideal vision afterward.

2. SMILE Laser Eye Surgery 

SMILE is an acronym for Small Incision Lenticle Extraction. It uses one of the most advanced laser technologies available in the present medical world. SMILE is an excellent alternative to LASIK as it can give you the same result within the same time frame.

Some medical practitioners argued that SMILE is more efficient than LASIK. Well, that is not for you to decide. You can only go for the option that best suits your eye situation.

SMILE is less invasive, painless, noiseless, and odorless. While LASIK requires your surgeon to create a corneal flap, this option is a flapless procedure. During SMILE, your ophthalmologist will use an advanced excimer laser to gently create a small-sized hole (about 3mm) in your corneal layer to reshape it.  SMILE heals faster and doesn’t pose discomfort to patients.

3. Visian ICL Refractive Implant Surgery

Visian ICL is an excellent alternative for LASIK. During this procedure, your ophthalmologist would use additive technology to correct your vision without removing your corneal tissue as it is LASIK. Visian ICL has nothing to do with reshaping your cornea. Surgeons will only have to implant a vision-correcting lens into the patient’s eyes through a small corneal incision.

Over the years, Visian has been an excellent alternative for patients who find LASIK too invasive or whose cornea is not thick enough for the LASIK procedure. 

Final Words 

Every expert ophthalmologist will first diagnose and conduct intensive tests on your eyes before he can recommend which refractive surgery option would be suitable for you. And when he does, you don’t have anything to worry about. The three alternatives to LASIK mentioned above can be much more beneficial to you even than LASIK. You can read about 7 Things That Qualifies You for LASIK Eye Surgery by visiting https://liveatallianceblog.com/7-things-that-qualifies-you-for-lasik-eye-surgery/

7 Things That Qualifies You for LASIK Eye Surgery

7 Things That Qualifies You for LASIK Eye Surgery

Gone are the days when people preferred wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct their impaired vision. Despite the complications, stress, and frustrations associated with those vision correction options, they still consider it some of the necessary pains to endure while waiting for a perfect vision. 

However, as technology advances, people begin to know about LASIK eye surgery and the incredible comfort it brings. LASIK surgery is not an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses; it is better to correct impaired vision. 

No matter the level of imperfection in the eyes, perfect LASIK surgery will solve the problems and restore the sight to its initial healthy state. LASIK provides a lasting result. That means you wouldn’t have to do any surgery on your eyes after undergoing the LASIK procedure.

More so, LASIK eye surgery is the best way for you to avoid the inconveniences that come with wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. It doesn’t require you to put on any corrective eyewear while engaging in any activity. By implication, you are free to do your daily hobby with comfort after a LASIK procedure.

Having known what LASIK surgery has to offer, many eye patients – especially those wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses – are now longing to undergo LASIK eye surgery. 

However, it might not sound good to hear that LASIK is not for everybody. I don’t mean to break your heart, but you might not be a qualified candidate for the procedure as good as it is. To help you make an informed decision, here are the top 8 criteria that suggest you fit LASIK eye surgery.

Top 7 criteria that qualify you for the LASIK procedure

1. Healthy eyes 

Your apparent keen interest to undergo a LASIK procedure is not enough. Whether you would be qualified for the procedure or not, it all starts from the health state of your eyes.

Your eyes need to be healthy before you can meet a LASIK surgeon. I know you might be wondering why it has to be like that. After all, you can only think of going for LASIK eye surgery if your vision is impaired. Yes. that is true. You won’t need LASIK surgery if your eyes are perfectly okay. 

But then, your surgeon cannot perform LASIK surgery in your eyes if you have some eye infection such as severe dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and the likes. Before a surgeon works on an eye with such disorders, the patient would need to first treat the eyes before talking about the LASIK procedure.

2. Normal prescription range  

Of course, the LASIK procedure can correct your impaired vision, but the prescription level would have to be within the normal range. When your prescription is too high, 

Generally, the excimer lasers are FDA-approved to heal complications up to +12.00 diopters of nearsightedness, +6.00 farsightedness, and 6.00 of astigmatism. Note that these prescriptions may vary from one patient to another.

3. You must be 18 years old

The LASIK procedure is not for anybody under the age of 18. No matter the patient’s vision complication, he cannot enroll for LASIK eye surgery. Based on statistics, most LASIK patients are about 20 years and above. 

While 18 years is the minimum, there is no maximum age for LASIK patients. Though some older adults prefer to go for eyeglasses for fear of surgery, it is excellent for the elderly to undergo a LASIK procedure.

4. You must be healthy 

It is easy to think that the LASIK procedure is only for the eyes. But, let me tell you that LASIK surgery requires you to be in good health generally to be fit for the procedure. As much as your eyes are needed to be healthy, you have to be sure every part of your body is in good condition before you lay on the LASIK surgical bed.

If you have any disorder in your body, it may prevent your eyes from healing on time or make the LASIK operation ineffective. For that reason, it is good for you first to do a general check of your body before you go for your LASIK surgery.

5. You must not be pregnant

This tip might not be good news for women. If you discover your vision is impaired while pregnant, you may have to stay with the impaired vision for the next year or more. I made it up to a year because you are still not eligible for LASIK when breastfeeding a baby. So, as a pregnant woman, you would have to try other vision correction alternatives available such as eyeglasses or contact lenses, to adjust your vision till you are fit for the LASIK procedure.

6. You must have a thick cornea 

If your cornea is too thin or weak, you are eligible to undergo LASIK eye surgery. Not many people know that the thickness of their cornea matters when deciding whether they should do LASIK surgery or not. The LASIK procedure has to do with resharpening your cornea. If the cornea is not thick enough, it might lead to further complications during or after the procedure. 

Meanwhile, if your cornea disqualifies you from getting LASIK surgery, you don’t have anything to worry about. There are several other vision correction options for patients with thin cornea. Based on your health profile, you can speak with your ophthalmologist to recommend further effective laser eye surgery for you.

7. You must be prepared 

LASIK surgery requires you to be adequately ready for the journey ahead. Meanwhile, the preparation starts from the initial evaluation of your eye. Then, you learn what to wear, eat, and do before, during, and after the procedure. You can check some of our previously published articles on “the essential things you need to do before, during and after LASIK procedure”. That will help you have a better knowledge of what it takes. 


It is good that you do adequate research about LASIK eye surgery and discuss extensively with your ophthalmologist to know if you are a qualified candidate or not. Suppose you are marking all the standards above congratulations. And if not, you can opt for other laser eye surgery options available in today’s medical world. Click here to read about Best Three Alternatives to LASIK Eye Surgery.

How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel

How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel

Want a bathroom in your house that exudes the elegance and comfort of a five-star hotel? There is no need to embark on a full-scale renovation project at the moment. Adding a bit of glitz to your bathroom tapware does not necessarily need a major redesign of the area.

Consider any of these ornamental tapware embellishments for a more opulent-looking bathroom with less effort and great effects.

kitchen tapware

1. Ensure that your faucets are up to date

While you will need the services of a plumber, replacing your bathroom tapware is a simple and quite efficient way to add some glitz to your area.

Create a mood board or a Pinterest page to assist you in achieving the desired impact. Following that, you may decide on the sort of tapware that would work best for you.

“While it may seem to be a little element, the design of your tapware acts as a foundation for communicating your style plan,” explains Luli Farrell, co-founder and product designer at ABI Interiors.

The circular shape of our Milani mixer series exemplifies how we recommend geometrically designed tapware mixers for more contemporary bathrooms: our Barre and Elysian mixes are ideal for a more delicate but still stunning aesthetic.”

Additionally, Luli suggests examining your space and taking into account the size of your taps to avoid having taps that do not fit or look out of place.

“Keep in mind the dimensions of your bathroom,” she explains. “Can the size of the items be accommodated?” For instance, when standard-sized spouts are used in a tiny bathroom or powder room, the area may seem to be disproportionate.” The Must-Have Guide For Bathroom Fittings.

2. Invest in quality towels

The effect that fresh towels (including hand towels and bathmats) can have on your house will astonish you, even more so if it has been a while since you last changed your towels.

To get a high-quality set – one that is both stylish and functional – you should budget between $40 and $60 for each bath towel (more if you want the bigger, more luxurious “bath sheet”).

However, there are other low-cost tapware alternatives on the market that give an adequate level of comfort, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal.

3. Take into account the amount of storage space accessible

Clutter is the arch-enemy of a luxurious look. If your floors, tapware vanity countertops, and shelves are piled with items, start thinking of inventive ways to arrange and store them.

Is it feasible to include any kind of shelving mechanism in the space, or would drawer organizers suffice?

In this case, small restrooms may be at a disadvantage. As a consequence, consider vertical thinking. Rather than stuffing your towels onto a towel rack, suspend a couple towel hooks from the ceiling.

Indeed, hanging hooks may be used to store both toilet paper and other objects. Simply get a lovely basket or bag and attach several rolls of toilet paper to the wall.

4. Consider purchasing a heated towel bar

Not only can heated towel rails give optimum comfort and a hotel-like experience in the privacy of your own bathroom, but they also perform a variety of other essential duties.

According to Luli, “having freshly cleaned, warm towels available at your discretion is an unequaled delight.” They also act as a barrier to hygienic conditions by minimizing the probability of mold growing in a damp tapware environment. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stack two or three of them for optimal convenience.”

5. Use paint to embellish it

If any areas of your bathroom tapware are not tiled, it may be time to repaint the walls and ceiling. Experiment with a new color scheme and arrange fresh towels and accessories to match.

It’s critical to remember that if you’re doing it yourself, you must follow the essential waterproofing and moisture-resistant paint techniques. Visit https://www.vogue.com/article/how-terrazzo-moved-out-from-under-our-feet-to-absolutely-everywhere to read about How Terrazzo Moved Out From Under Our Feet to Absolutely Everywhere.

6. Utilize opulent showers

Everybody wants a bathroom fit for a five-star hotel — and the key to accomplishing this is the addition of a rain shower head.

To fully recreate the sense of rain with a rain tapware shower, Luli recommended that the showerhead be positioned directly above the user’s head.

Either purchase a shower arm that replicates that position or install a ceiling-mounted shower dropper. If you want to utilize a shower dropper, check that the ceiling clearance is adequate to sustain it.”

style of tapware

Meanwhile, if you’re unable or unwilling to run plumbing through your ceiling, you can still put a rainfall shower on your wall – all you need is a long enough arm.

According to Luli, the Finley Shower Rail Set is a fantastic option since it can fit both a rain shower head and a hand shower fixture.

ABI offers an attractive 250mm circular waterfall shower head as part of their shower headline, which has eight distinct finishes ranging from matte black to brushed brass to chrome tapware.

7. Upgrade or replace lighting fixtures

According to Luli, the installation of new light fixtures, whether wall sconces or pendant lights, may significantly improve a room’s overall impression of grandeur.

Another option is to add a mirror with LED backlighting. Apart from being utilitarian, it lends a bathroom an opulent Hollywood air, according to the designer.

8. Add some greenery

What have you been doing over the previous five years if indoor plants haven’t completely taken over your house?

Not only are indoor plants wonderful for air purification, but they also have the power to brighten up any dull, lifeless environment.

The best types for your bathroom are those that grow in moist conditions and do not need direct sunlight to flourish. This group of plants includes ferns, orchids, pothos, and a variety of other species. If in doubt, consult your local plant nursery.

9. Decorate stylishly

A fashionable flourish would complement a large portion of your bathroom’s fundamental décor. Perhaps a porcelain soap dispenser, a lovely woven toilet paper basket, or a bamboo bath caddy are suitable for your space. Even utilitarian items, such as your toilet brush, no longer need to be dowdy and unsightly.

Luli feels that when it comes to luxury, the smell may be a very powerful decorative element.

This is an aspect of interior design that we sometimes neglect, but incorporating one of your favorite smells into the bathroom may help raise the space to new heights.”

10. Spruce it up a little

Giving your bathroom a much-needed spring cleaning is the most efficient way to enhance its opulent feel.

Clean out those cabinets, dust the light fixtures, and re-establish the grout!

Simply cleaning the shower screens with Windex, properly washing the floor, and removing soap scum and grime from damp areas may significantly improve the appearance of a bathroom. Click here to read about How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware.

How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware

How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware
causing the mixer tap

Kitchen mixer tapware should be cleaned regularly since it comes into contact with water on a daily basis and limescale may quickly accumulate on the surface. Additionally, the aerator, a fine-mesh filter located on the outlet, may get clogged with limescale deposits, causing the mixer tap to spray. The following maintenance tips will aid you in avoiding these concerns as effectively as possible, enabling you to continue enjoying a sparkling faucet for an extended period of time.

Keeping limescale marks at bay in a proper manner

Frequently, while turning off mixer tapware with wet hands after working in the kitchen, you will leave a few drops of water on the faucet. These become brittle and form a coating of limescale. Visible limescale may form relatively fast, particularly in places with hard water. The term “hard water” refers to water with a high calcium bicarbonate content. Limescale production requires a hardness of 4 or less. As a consequence, if you have hard water, it is advised that you wipe the surface of your mixer tapware with a microfiber towel after each use to avoid having to clean it on a frequent basis. As a consequence, you will be able to extend the duration of regular cleaning procedures.

Limescale removal using moderate ways

Alternatively, if limescale has formed, it is recommended to treat it using a mild organic acid solution, such as acetic or citric acid. It cannot be emphasized how critical it is to test your tapware surfaces for acid resistance prior to applying the material. For example, acidic cleaning products should never be used on marble or metal, among other surfaces.

Additionally, several polymers and varnishes are acid-resistant. When it comes to mixing taps, whether you have a stainless-steel mixer tap, a Silgranit-look mixer tap, or a Ceramic-look mixer tap, you’re in good hands: when treated appropriately, these materials will survive cleaning with acetic or citric acid without issue. Rather than using acid cleaners, you may remove the scale from your sink using a gentle descaling spray. This limescale-removing chemical is specifically intended for use with mixer tapware and sinks. It cleans gently yet thoroughly.

To remove limescale off mixer tapware, dampen the soft side of a sponge with the cleaning solution and wipe the mixer tap thoroughly. Take care not to keep an acid-based cleaner longer than the time suggested on the product recommendations. Avoid cleaning for a lengthy amount of time using the rough side of your sponge. This may scratch your mixer tap. After carefully rinsing your mixer tap with clean water, dry it with a microfiber cloth. Click here to read about Chevron versus Herringbone Flooring: The Good And The Bad.

Aerator maintenance

Due to mineral accumulation in hard water, the water flow via the mixer tapware, especially the aerator, may get clogged over time. Additionally, the aerator is referred to as a jet regulator or stream shaper. It is the nozzle positioned on the faucet’s output. When a limescale-clogged outlet closes, water may spray erratically in all directions when the faucet is turned on. As a consequence, the aerator must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Additionally, acetic acid and citric acid are efficient in this application. To remove any leftover residue, wipe a sponge with either kind of cleaner or sprinkle it over the fine mesh at the mixer tap’s output. Utilizing an old toothbrush enables you to fully clean it. The limescale will often dissolve, letting you restore your clean spray. Additionally, spray heads have efficient anti-scale nubs on the aerator, which significantly reduce the formation of limescale and make cleaning the spray heads a breeze.

Eliminate stubborn deposits on the aerator’s surface

If the limescale is really difficult to remove, the aerator should be completely cleaned. You can simply remove the little nozzle from various mixer tapware by twisting the tap counter-clockwise. After that, the jet regulator may be soaked overnight in vinegar water or citric acid to eliminate any leftover residue. The next morning, rinse away any residual limescale residue and reattach the aerator to the faucet by screwing it in counterclockwise. Visit https://liveatallianceblog.com/how-to-make-your-bathroom-appear-like-a-five-star-hotel/ to read about How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel.

How to properly care for your pull-out spray

It’s really useful to have a mixer tap with a pull-out spray since it lets you access even the most difficult-to-reach regions of your tapware sink. Filling vases and tall-sided containers with flowers are straightforward. However, what happens if the hose no longer slips easily back into its holder? If this happens, use a fitting lubricant to lubricate the hose’s moving components to avoid additional damage. The hose will then effortlessly return to its original location. This is particularly beneficial for base cabinets since it prevents the tapware hose from being tangled in other things or twisting around within the cabinet, which might be harmful.

In addition to your mixer tap, a dirt filter may be employed.

Installing a dirt filter on your mixer tap will also aid in its maintenance. This is particularly recommended for older structures and pipelines that have seen better days. The thin metal mesh helps prevent contamination of your mixer tapware and other plumbing fixtures by screening out dirt particles that enter the water pipes. It acts as a water-tight seal between the angle valve – the water supply valve positioned under the sink – and the connecting hose for the mixer tapware. If your pressure is high, you may connect two filters, one in front of the other, but if your pressure is low, one filter will be enough.


Final thoughts

Cleaning your bathroom does not have to be a tough task, nor do you have to purchase expensive cleaning products to keep dirt and grime at bay. Maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness with our bathroom cleaning strategies for gleaming tapware outcomes. Kitchen mixer tapware should be cleaned on a regular basis since it comes into frequent contact with water and limescale may rapidly form on the surface.

Additionally, the aerator, a fine-mesh filter positioned on the outlet, might get blocked with limescale deposits, resulting in the spraying of the mixer tap.

The aforementioned maintenance advice can help you prevent these issues as much as possible, allowing you to enjoy a dazzling tapware faucet for a prolonged length of time. Check out The Magic of Mosaic Tiles.