7 Things That Qualifies You for LASIK Eye Surgery

7 Things That Qualifies You for LASIK Eye Surgery

Gone are the days when people preferred wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct their impaired vision. Despite the complications, stress, and frustrations associated with those vision correction options, they still consider it some of the necessary pains to endure while waiting for a perfect vision. 

However, as technology advances, people begin to know about LASIK eye surgery and the incredible comfort it brings. LASIK surgery is not an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses; it is better to correct impaired vision. 

No matter the level of imperfection in the eyes, perfect LASIK surgery will solve the problems and restore the sight to its initial healthy state. LASIK provides a lasting result. That means you wouldn’t have to do any surgery on your eyes after undergoing the LASIK procedure.

More so, LASIK eye surgery is the best way for you to avoid the inconveniences that come with wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. It doesn’t require you to put on any corrective eyewear while engaging in any activity. By implication, you are free to do your daily hobby with comfort after a LASIK procedure.

Having known what LASIK surgery has to offer, many eye patients – especially those wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses – are now longing to undergo LASIK eye surgery. 

However, it might not sound good to hear that LASIK is not for everybody. I don’t mean to break your heart, but you might not be a qualified candidate for the procedure as good as it is. To help you make an informed decision, here are the top 8 criteria that suggest you fit LASIK eye surgery.

Top 7 criteria that qualify you for the LASIK procedure

1. Healthy eyes 

Your apparent keen interest to undergo a LASIK procedure is not enough. Whether you would be qualified for the procedure or not, it all starts from the health state of your eyes.

Your eyes need to be healthy before you can meet a LASIK surgeon. I know you might be wondering why it has to be like that. After all, you can only think of going for LASIK eye surgery if your vision is impaired. Yes. that is true. You won’t need LASIK surgery if your eyes are perfectly okay. 

But then, your surgeon cannot perform LASIK surgery in your eyes if you have some eye infection such as severe dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and the likes. Before a surgeon works on an eye with such disorders, the patient would need to first treat the eyes before talking about the LASIK procedure.

2. Normal prescription range  

Of course, the LASIK procedure can correct your impaired vision, but the prescription level would have to be within the normal range. When your prescription is too high, 

Generally, the excimer lasers are FDA-approved to heal complications up to +12.00 diopters of nearsightedness, +6.00 farsightedness, and 6.00 of astigmatism. Note that these prescriptions may vary from one patient to another.

3. You must be 18 years old

The LASIK procedure is not for anybody under the age of 18. No matter the patient’s vision complication, he cannot enroll for LASIK eye surgery. Based on statistics, most LASIK patients are about 20 years and above. 

While 18 years is the minimum, there is no maximum age for LASIK patients. Though some older adults prefer to go for eyeglasses for fear of surgery, it is excellent for the elderly to undergo a LASIK procedure.

4. You must be healthy 

It is easy to think that the LASIK procedure is only for the eyes. But, let me tell you that LASIK surgery requires you to be in good health generally to be fit for the procedure. As much as your eyes are needed to be healthy, you have to be sure every part of your body is in good condition before you lay on the LASIK surgical bed.

If you have any disorder in your body, it may prevent your eyes from healing on time or make the LASIK operation ineffective. For that reason, it is good for you first to do a general check of your body before you go for your LASIK surgery.

5. You must not be pregnant

This tip might not be good news for women. If you discover your vision is impaired while pregnant, you may have to stay with the impaired vision for the next year or more. I made it up to a year because you are still not eligible for LASIK when breastfeeding a baby. So, as a pregnant woman, you would have to try other vision correction alternatives available such as eyeglasses or contact lenses, to adjust your vision till you are fit for the LASIK procedure.

6. You must have a thick cornea 

If your cornea is too thin or weak, you are eligible to undergo LASIK eye surgery. Not many people know that the thickness of their cornea matters when deciding whether they should do LASIK surgery or not. The LASIK procedure has to do with resharpening your cornea. If the cornea is not thick enough, it might lead to further complications during or after the procedure. 

Meanwhile, if your cornea disqualifies you from getting LASIK surgery, you don’t have anything to worry about. There are several other vision correction options for patients with thin cornea. Based on your health profile, you can speak with your ophthalmologist to recommend further effective laser eye surgery for you.

7. You must be prepared 

LASIK surgery requires you to be adequately ready for the journey ahead. Meanwhile, the preparation starts from the initial evaluation of your eye. Then, you learn what to wear, eat, and do before, during, and after the procedure. You can check some of our previously published articles on “the essential things you need to do before, during and after LASIK procedure”. That will help you have a better knowledge of what it takes. 


It is good that you do adequate research about LASIK eye surgery and discuss extensively with your ophthalmologist to know if you are a qualified candidate or not. Suppose you are marking all the standards above congratulations. And if not, you can opt for other laser eye surgery options available in today’s medical world. Click here to read about Best Three Alternatives to LASIK Eye Surgery.

How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel

How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel

Want a bathroom in your house that exudes the elegance and comfort of a five-star hotel? There is no need to embark on a full-scale renovation project at the moment. Adding a bit of glitz to your bathroom tapware does not necessarily need a major redesign of the area.

Consider any of these ornamental tapware embellishments for a more opulent-looking bathroom with less effort and great effects.

kitchen tapware

1. Ensure that your faucets are up to date

While you will need the services of a plumber, replacing your bathroom tapware is a simple and quite efficient way to add some glitz to your area.

Create a mood board or a Pinterest page to assist you in achieving the desired impact. Following that, you may decide on the sort of tapware that would work best for you.

“While it may seem to be a little element, the design of your tapware acts as a foundation for communicating your style plan,” explains Luli Farrell, co-founder and product designer at ABI Interiors.

The circular shape of our Milani mixer series exemplifies how we recommend geometrically designed tapware mixers for more contemporary bathrooms: our Barre and Elysian mixes are ideal for a more delicate but still stunning aesthetic.”

Additionally, Luli suggests examining your space and taking into account the size of your taps to avoid having taps that do not fit or look out of place.

“Keep in mind the dimensions of your bathroom,” she explains. “Can the size of the items be accommodated?” For instance, when standard-sized spouts are used in a tiny bathroom or powder room, the area may seem to be disproportionate.” The Must-Have Guide For Bathroom Fittings.

2. Invest in quality towels

The effect that fresh towels (including hand towels and bathmats) can have on your house will astonish you, even more so if it has been a while since you last changed your towels.

To get a high-quality set – one that is both stylish and functional – you should budget between $40 and $60 for each bath towel (more if you want the bigger, more luxurious “bath sheet”).

However, there are other low-cost tapware alternatives on the market that give an adequate level of comfort, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal.

3. Take into account the amount of storage space accessible

Clutter is the arch-enemy of a luxurious look. If your floors, tapware vanity countertops, and shelves are piled with items, start thinking of inventive ways to arrange and store them.

Is it feasible to include any kind of shelving mechanism in the space, or would drawer organizers suffice?

In this case, small restrooms may be at a disadvantage. As a consequence, consider vertical thinking. Rather than stuffing your towels onto a towel rack, suspend a couple towel hooks from the ceiling.

Indeed, hanging hooks may be used to store both toilet paper and other objects. Simply get a lovely basket or bag and attach several rolls of toilet paper to the wall.

4. Consider purchasing a heated towel bar

Not only can heated towel rails give optimum comfort and a hotel-like experience in the privacy of your own bathroom, but they also perform a variety of other essential duties.

According to Luli, “having freshly cleaned, warm towels available at your discretion is an unequaled delight.” They also act as a barrier to hygienic conditions by minimizing the probability of mold growing in a damp tapware environment. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stack two or three of them for optimal convenience.”

5. Use paint to embellish it

If any areas of your bathroom tapware are not tiled, it may be time to repaint the walls and ceiling. Experiment with a new color scheme and arrange fresh towels and accessories to match.

It’s critical to remember that if you’re doing it yourself, you must follow the essential waterproofing and moisture-resistant paint techniques. Visit https://www.vogue.com/article/how-terrazzo-moved-out-from-under-our-feet-to-absolutely-everywhere to read about How Terrazzo Moved Out From Under Our Feet to Absolutely Everywhere.

6. Utilize opulent showers

Everybody wants a bathroom fit for a five-star hotel — and the key to accomplishing this is the addition of a rain shower head.

To fully recreate the sense of rain with a rain tapware shower, Luli recommended that the showerhead be positioned directly above the user’s head.

Either purchase a shower arm that replicates that position or install a ceiling-mounted shower dropper. If you want to utilize a shower dropper, check that the ceiling clearance is adequate to sustain it.”

style of tapware

Meanwhile, if you’re unable or unwilling to run plumbing through your ceiling, you can still put a rainfall shower on your wall – all you need is a long enough arm.

According to Luli, the Finley Shower Rail Set is a fantastic option since it can fit both a rain shower head and a hand shower fixture.

ABI offers an attractive 250mm circular waterfall shower head as part of their shower headline, which has eight distinct finishes ranging from matte black to brushed brass to chrome tapware.

7. Upgrade or replace lighting fixtures

According to Luli, the installation of new light fixtures, whether wall sconces or pendant lights, may significantly improve a room’s overall impression of grandeur.

Another option is to add a mirror with LED backlighting. Apart from being utilitarian, it lends a bathroom an opulent Hollywood air, according to the designer.

8. Add some greenery

What have you been doing over the previous five years if indoor plants haven’t completely taken over your house?

Not only are indoor plants wonderful for air purification, but they also have the power to brighten up any dull, lifeless environment.

The best types for your bathroom are those that grow in moist conditions and do not need direct sunlight to flourish. This group of plants includes ferns, orchids, pothos, and a variety of other species. If in doubt, consult your local plant nursery.

9. Decorate stylishly

A fashionable flourish would complement a large portion of your bathroom’s fundamental décor. Perhaps a porcelain soap dispenser, a lovely woven toilet paper basket, or a bamboo bath caddy are suitable for your space. Even utilitarian items, such as your toilet brush, no longer need to be dowdy and unsightly.

Luli feels that when it comes to luxury, the smell may be a very powerful decorative element.

This is an aspect of interior design that we sometimes neglect, but incorporating one of your favorite smells into the bathroom may help raise the space to new heights.”

10. Spruce it up a little

Giving your bathroom a much-needed spring cleaning is the most efficient way to enhance its opulent feel.

Clean out those cabinets, dust the light fixtures, and re-establish the grout!

Simply cleaning the shower screens with Windex, properly washing the floor, and removing soap scum and grime from damp areas may significantly improve the appearance of a bathroom. Click here to read about How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware.

How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware

How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware
causing the mixer tap

Kitchen mixer tapware should be cleaned regularly since it comes into contact with water on a daily basis and limescale may quickly accumulate on the surface. Additionally, the aerator, a fine-mesh filter located on the outlet, may get clogged with limescale deposits, causing the mixer tap to spray. The following maintenance tips will aid you in avoiding these concerns as effectively as possible, enabling you to continue enjoying a sparkling faucet for an extended period of time.

Keeping limescale marks at bay in a proper manner

Frequently, while turning off mixer tapware with wet hands after working in the kitchen, you will leave a few drops of water on the faucet. These become brittle and form a coating of limescale. Visible limescale may form relatively fast, particularly in places with hard water. The term “hard water” refers to water with a high calcium bicarbonate content. Limescale production requires a hardness of 4 or less. As a consequence, if you have hard water, it is advised that you wipe the surface of your mixer tapware with a microfiber towel after each use to avoid having to clean it on a frequent basis. As a consequence, you will be able to extend the duration of regular cleaning procedures.

Limescale removal using moderate ways

Alternatively, if limescale has formed, it is recommended to treat it using a mild organic acid solution, such as acetic or citric acid. It cannot be emphasized how critical it is to test your tapware surfaces for acid resistance prior to applying the material. For example, acidic cleaning products should never be used on marble or metal, among other surfaces.

Additionally, several polymers and varnishes are acid-resistant. When it comes to mixing taps, whether you have a stainless-steel mixer tap, a Silgranit-look mixer tap, or a Ceramic-look mixer tap, you’re in good hands: when treated appropriately, these materials will survive cleaning with acetic or citric acid without issue. Rather than using acid cleaners, you may remove the scale from your sink using a gentle descaling spray. This limescale-removing chemical is specifically intended for use with mixer tapware and sinks. It cleans gently yet thoroughly.

To remove limescale off mixer tapware, dampen the soft side of a sponge with the cleaning solution and wipe the mixer tap thoroughly. Take care not to keep an acid-based cleaner longer than the time suggested on the product recommendations. Avoid cleaning for a lengthy amount of time using the rough side of your sponge. This may scratch your mixer tap. After carefully rinsing your mixer tap with clean water, dry it with a microfiber cloth. Click here to read about Chevron versus Herringbone Flooring: The Good And The Bad.

Aerator maintenance

Due to mineral accumulation in hard water, the water flow via the mixer tapware, especially the aerator, may get clogged over time. Additionally, the aerator is referred to as a jet regulator or stream shaper. It is the nozzle positioned on the faucet’s output. When a limescale-clogged outlet closes, water may spray erratically in all directions when the faucet is turned on. As a consequence, the aerator must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Additionally, acetic acid and citric acid are efficient in this application. To remove any leftover residue, wipe a sponge with either kind of cleaner or sprinkle it over the fine mesh at the mixer tap’s output. Utilizing an old toothbrush enables you to fully clean it. The limescale will often dissolve, letting you restore your clean spray. Additionally, spray heads have efficient anti-scale nubs on the aerator, which significantly reduce the formation of limescale and make cleaning the spray heads a breeze.

Eliminate stubborn deposits on the aerator’s surface

If the limescale is really difficult to remove, the aerator should be completely cleaned. You can simply remove the little nozzle from various mixer tapware by twisting the tap counter-clockwise. After that, the jet regulator may be soaked overnight in vinegar water or citric acid to eliminate any leftover residue. The next morning, rinse away any residual limescale residue and reattach the aerator to the faucet by screwing it in counterclockwise. Visit https://liveatallianceblog.com/how-to-make-your-bathroom-appear-like-a-five-star-hotel/ to read about How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel.

How to properly care for your pull-out spray

It’s really useful to have a mixer tap with a pull-out spray since it lets you access even the most difficult-to-reach regions of your tapware sink. Filling vases and tall-sided containers with flowers are straightforward. However, what happens if the hose no longer slips easily back into its holder? If this happens, use a fitting lubricant to lubricate the hose’s moving components to avoid additional damage. The hose will then effortlessly return to its original location. This is particularly beneficial for base cabinets since it prevents the tapware hose from being tangled in other things or twisting around within the cabinet, which might be harmful.

In addition to your mixer tap, a dirt filter may be employed.

Installing a dirt filter on your mixer tap will also aid in its maintenance. This is particularly recommended for older structures and pipelines that have seen better days. The thin metal mesh helps prevent contamination of your mixer tapware and other plumbing fixtures by screening out dirt particles that enter the water pipes. It acts as a water-tight seal between the angle valve – the water supply valve positioned under the sink – and the connecting hose for the mixer tapware. If your pressure is high, you may connect two filters, one in front of the other, but if your pressure is low, one filter will be enough.


Final thoughts

Cleaning your bathroom does not have to be a tough task, nor do you have to purchase expensive cleaning products to keep dirt and grime at bay. Maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness with our bathroom cleaning strategies for gleaming tapware outcomes. Kitchen mixer tapware should be cleaned on a regular basis since it comes into frequent contact with water and limescale may rapidly form on the surface.

Additionally, the aerator, a fine-mesh filter positioned on the outlet, might get blocked with limescale deposits, resulting in the spraying of the mixer tap.

The aforementioned maintenance advice can help you prevent these issues as much as possible, allowing you to enjoy a dazzling tapware faucet for a prolonged length of time. Check out The Magic of Mosaic Tiles.



ince 1875, The Kentucky Derby has been bringing us “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, and while many people will head to Churchill Downs to enjoy one of the oldest sporting events, soak up the culture of elaborate hats, and dance to “My Old Kentucky Home while sipping on a Mint Julep, the rest of us ordinary folk will be planning our own Derby parties at home. And that doesn’t mean they can’t be equally as fabulous. So sit back, and scroll through this simple list of must-haves are your very own Kentucky Derby gathering (because “gathering” is just so much more adult than “party”).


Let’s be honest, people may come for the party, but they stay because of the food. You can’t have a successful Derby party without these traditional fare recipes.

Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

Country Ham and Biscuits

Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie

And just because we’re obsessed…

Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes

Bourbon Balls


If you know nothing else about the Kentucky Derby, know this: The mint julep is the iconic drink of choice at the Kentucky Derby, and it’s traditionally served in a silver cup. And it’s delicious.

Classic Mint Julep

Mint Julep with a twist (peach!)

Island Iced Tea

Bourbon Smash

Whiskey Sours


The official nickname for the Kentucky Derby is “Run for the Roses,” so decorating with this classic flower is a no-brainer. But you could also really go for it and pull out the red carpet with a “Millionaires Row Theme.” Use silk tablecloth to represent the Jockey’s racing jersey – the more colorful, the better. You can use a trophy cup as a centerpiece, fill the cup with rose petals, or scatter them around the center of the table.

Get free printables from Hostess with the Mostess and other great DIY ideas to really sell your theme. Remember, attention is in the details. So whatever you do, just think “what would a southern belle or gentleman do,” and do that. For a little added detail, consider framing the music sheet for “My Old Kentucky Home,” the official song of the Kentucky Derby. And don’t forget that one of the great joys of the Kentucky Derby is betting! Check out these betting sheets by CreationsByDeven on Etsy


Of course, you’ll have to dress the part – in formal attire and ask your guests to do the same. Exchange rose boutonnieres and corsages and definitely take votes on “Best Hat,” “Most Creative Hat,” or “Best Dressed.”

Ladies, here’s some inspiration for your Derby day outfit

Sleek and sophisticated in all-black

Make a statement

Keep it classic

Throwback vintage

The bigger, the better

Gentlemen, don’t think we forgot about you:

Dapper suit inspiration

Head-to-toe guide for classic derby dress

Don’t underestimate the power of a pocket square

Remember, if all else fairs, sport a bowtie

Committing to your New Year’s resolution

Committing to your New Year’s resolution

The new year is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and make those life changes that you may have been putting off. Whether it’s losing weight, getting out of debt, or being more charitable, the calendar turning over can be the best time to kick a bad habit or form a good one. But we have all had those resolutions that don’t pan out and are forgotten before February. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions, and steps you can take to make sure they stick so that you’re living life to the fullest. And at Alliance, we offer the ultimate lifestyle experience to support you in your pursuit of happiness in the new year. #AllianceUltimateChill

Slimming down

This resolution is one that will keep your local gym packed for the month of January, so you’re certainly not alone in trying to drop those excess holiday pounds. However, it’s easy to lose confidence before you lose weight so it’s important to keep your success in perspective and realize that the process may not be a quick one. A good way to keep this resolution up is to plan ahead and have anything you need ready. Research meal plans, look into a gym that suits your needs and have a workout schedule ready for January 1 to make sure you’re ready for swimsuit season.

Getting Out of Debt

Getting out of debt can be an intimidating endeavor for a resolution, but it may be the most rewarding thing you can do to start the year. Having a large amount of debt can be too much of a burden for anyone to go through, and getting out from under it can be the fresh start you’re looking for. To ensure that you can keep on track with this resolution, it’s important to set a budget with as much detail as possible. Keeping close detail on all of your expenses will allow you to plan on how much you can spend bringing your debt down.

Being More Charitable

A New Year’s resolution does not need to be entirely self-serving. While it is a good time of year to make changes in your life, those changes can be in how you interact with others. One good way to make an impact is to be charitable with your time or money. Whether it’s finding your local soup kitchen and volunteering your time, or making a donation to a charity you support, finding ways to give back will give you a sense of community responsibility that can start your year out on the right foot.
Whatever goals and resolutions you set for yourself this month, just remember to have a plan, be persistent, and have patience. Make your resolutions public and share them with us in the comment section!

5 Favorite Fall Recipes

5 Favorite Fall Recipes

Today is the first day of fall and what better way to start it off than with some of our favorite foods? Here are a few mouthwatering harvest time recipes to try out in the kitchen.

Beef stew

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh homemade stew. With its savory meat and potatoes and colorful vegetables, this meal gives you the right amount of protein, energy, and flavor you need to stay healthy and full. Check out http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/easy-beef-stew-30301 for detailed instructions on cooking this dish at home.

Chili and Cornbread

The leaves are changing, the weather’s cooling off and that means it’s time for warm and hearty foods. One of our very favorite fall staples is chili and cornbread. It doesn’t require much prep time or ingredients but still manages to satisfy your appetite. Get Kristin’s unique chili and cornbread skillet recipe here:  http://www.iheartnaptime.net/chili-cornbread-skillet/

Taco soup

Making this soup is a great way to combine all the usual Southwest ingredients without having everything fall out of a tortilla that’s too small. The warm broth filling your belly is comforting and perfect for cold Autumn days. Make this recipe as spicy or mild as you like: http://simpleasthatblog.com/2015/02/quick-and-easy-taco-soup-recipe.html  

Roast chicken and butternut squash

Sharing good food and stories with the people you love is a great way to spend the holiday season. Here is a great recipe to try for your next get-together with friends and family. It combines this season’s colorful squashes with flavorful roast chicken. Visit this site for details on how to get started: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/roast-chicken-with-butternut-squash

Mac n cheese

This isn’t your Kraft Mac and Cheese, it’s something way better! With the holidays approaching this is a great item for your team potluck or as a side dish for family dinners. See how this unique recipe combines pasta, cheese, and breadcrumbs with a secret ingredient to keep you going back for seconds. http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/08/easy-beer-mac-and-cheese/

by clicking here you can also read about How to make your bathroom appear like a five-star hotel.



Are you one of the 20% of Americans who never has to wear pants to work because of COVID or your office is anywhere that has Wi-Fi? Well, then this article is for those who are working from home because of any reason like COVID, you can even order COVID rapid antigen test kit from https://clinicalsupplies.com.au/collections/rapid-antigen-tests while staying at home. As romantic as working from home may sound, work still needs to be done.

So, here are seven tips for staying productive while working from home.

Compartmentalize your space

Basically, get out of bed. Though you’re working from home, you should still act like you’re going to work. Separating the space where you sleep from the space where you work alleviates stress and shifts your mindset from personal relaxation to world domination.

Make your first 15 minutes count

According to Lifehack, there are 14 things productive people do in the first 15 minutes of the workday. Basically, the thought is that how you begin your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. From arriving early to preparing your workspace and doing light stretching, this gives you a good guide for beginning your morning – whether you’re confined to a cubicle or spread out on your living room couch.

Schedule your time wisely

You’d think that working from home means the freedom of structure and rules; however, even the most successful people who work from home operate on some sort of schedule. You should set a specific time to:

  • Eat breakfast and lunch
  • Relax (yes, the benefits of relaxing during the workday are well documented)
  • Check email, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook

Take breaks

Research shows that the most productive workers focus for 52 minutes then disengage for 17 minutes. These rest periods help prevent you from burning out, allowing your body time to recharge. A good rule of thumb is for every hour of work, take a 15-minute break.

Enjoy healthy meals

Just as it’s important to plan when you eat, it’s equally important to plan what you eat. With the refrigerator being dangerously close, this will help you avoid the temptation to procrastination-binge.

Change up your environment

Some days, working from home will just feel impossible. That’s OK, it’s good to change up your surroundings. You can utilize your Community Business Center, which has free Wi-Fi and a catering kitchen – plus amenities that accommodate work and play (for when you take those breaks). Otherwise, coffee shops are viable options to renew creativity. According to a study, “A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition.”

Know yourself

This may sound obvious, but everyone has different peaks of productivity. Maybe your inspiration hits first thing in the morning or maybe it takes two cups of coffee and an hour replying to emails to get in work mode, either way, try scheduling the most important tasks for when you know you’ll be most charged.

Culinary Treats in Store for Residents at Broadstone Infinity and VIVA

Culinary Treats in Store for Residents at Broadstone Infinity and VIVA

An exciting new food venture is opening at Broadstone Infinity in Seattle… and rumor has it that it’ll be an oyster bar!

All-star chef Renee Erickson will open her first Capitol Hill-based restaurant inside the massive space directly below the seven-story community located at 10th Avenue between Pike and Union Streets.

Set to open in early spring, Broadstone Infinity will offer Seattle’s urbanites 258 brand-new luxury apartment homes, as well as 12,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space for the city’s coolest shops and restaurants to plant roots at.

Just a few blocks away is Inés Patisserie, a new French bakery located beneath the VIVA apartments on 11th Avenue and Union Street at Capitol Hill. Already a neighborhood favorite, the pastry shop sells classic French goodies to sweet-seeking pedestrians and residents alike.

Many new Alliance communities include boutiques and cafes on their ground floors. Are you looking for a new home close to your city’s best shops and restaurants? Explore your options at LiveAtAlliance.com.



houseplants are the ultimate accessory in functional decorating in your apartment home. Some well-placed greenery can brighten a space and simultaneously clean the air you breathe. For those of us with green thumbs, apartment living often leaves little to no outdoor space for a garden. Add one of these easy-to-care-for houseplants to your apartment living space for a little dose of Zen!

Pandemic is again spreading at very tremendous speed, this COVID-19 mostly affects your lungs, you need fresh air for breathing, houseplants give you fresh air and clean the environment, many of us are working from home and we need fresh air in our homes. If you have COVID symptoms you must go for a rapid antigen test, this will save your loves ones, it a simple test that you can perform at home.

Peace Lily – the Peace Lily is a beautiful flowering plant that can survive in dimly lit, dry environments. It tops our list of plants for combatting a wide variety of dangerous organic compounds, including toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene.

Aloe Plant – Aloe plant gel can soothe sunburns and heal cuts. Aloe is known for its ability to rid the air of formaldehyde and benzene, two chemicals found in household cleaners and paint.

Gerber Daisy – this brightly-colored flowering plant removes trichloroethylene, which can be traced back to your dry cleaning. This plant needs plenty of light, so place it near a sunny window.

Snake plant – Also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, this plant thrives in humid, low-light conditions – so it’s perfect for a bathroom. Use this plant to filter out the smelly chemicals found in bleach and toilet cleaners.

Bamboo Palm – NASA scientists listed the bamboo palm as one of the best air-filtering houseplants. Also known as a reed palm, this small plant thrives in shady indoor spaces and often produces flowers and small berries.

Red-edged Dracaena – This unique-looking shrub can grow all the way to the ceiling if properly cared for, and it’s excellent at ridding the air of trichloroethylene. The red edges of its long, green leaves bring an unexpected pop of color, too!

Chinese evergreen – This easy-to-care-for plant thrives in low light and produces blooms and red berries once fully mature. It helps filter out a variety of air pollutants and removes even more toxins as time and exposure continue.

You can read about How to efficiently clean your mixer tapware for your home by visiting https://liveatallianceblog.com/how-to-efficiently-clean-your-mixer-tapware/